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Cover Image: Campus Technology March 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - March 2012


21st Century Skills >> John Q. Netizen

Educators debate what it means to be a digital citizen, and how higher education should prepare students to assume the mantle of citizenship. by John K Waters

Legal >> Lawyer Up

Lawyers identify the six biggest legal issues facing IT today, and how CIOs can avoid a run-in with the law. by Dian Schaffhauser

Cover Story:

Open Education >>

CT asks three leading advocates of open education to evaluate the impact of the DIY U movement on traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. by Jennifer Demski

In This Issue
  • Login / Campliļ¬cation
  • CT Online
  • In Box
  • Campus & Industry
  • Index
  • C-Level View / Fostering a Culture of Evidence
  • Faculty Development / Bringing Faculty Into the Fold. by Keith Norbury
  • Reinventing IT / Innovating the Future. by Gerry McCartney
  • Open Education / E-Portfolios: Are We There Yet? by Jennifer Demski

MARCH 2012 | Volume 25, No. 7 | 44 Pages