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Campus Technology October 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — October 2014

The Quest for Data that Really Impacts Student Success

Higher ed institutions across the country are looking for ways to turn big data into learning insights.

Tech Basics for Active, Collaborative Learning
Active-learning experts explain their approach to collaborative classroom design.
2 Great Techniques for the Flipped Classroom
Inspire more student engagement in a flipped class with these two pedagogy-driven methods.
A Collaborative Tool for Retention
Southern Illinois U is tapping a cross-institutional network for analytics to better retain students.
5 Accessible Design Tips for Blended Courses
Revamping a course for accessibility can improve learning for all kinds of students.
Transforming a Traditional Library Into a Technology-Rich Learning Commons
The University of Denver saw its library renovation as an opportunity for a fundamental rethinking of the use of space and technology to support the new ways people work and learn in a digital environment.
Accessibility-as-a-Service in Georgia
Georgia Tech’s AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center is a full-service resource that supplies repositories of accessible digital textbook files, Braille, assistive software and remote captioning for students with disabilities, as well as training and consulting services.
Cutting-Edge Tech Gives Students an Orientation in Experiential Learning
NYU’s Stern School of Business transformed its student orientation process into a two-day program focused on collaborative learning and innovative tech tools.
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October 2014 | vol. 28 no. 2