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Campus Technology December 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — December 2014

Higher Ed: Meet the Chief Digital Officer

Some universities are creating a new C-level title focused on moving the academy into the digital age.

Why Wearables Are the New Gateways to Human Knowledge
Wearable devices like Google Glass are opening up exciting new possibilities for teaching and learning.
How Southern New Hampshire University Develops 650-Plus Online Courses Per Year
Course development at SNHU — the country's fastest growing nonprofit online educator — is a major endeavor.
Hiring in Higher Ed IT
Campus IT departments are looking for candidates with skill sets in mobile, big data and more — but will the best talent be lost to the corporate sector?
Flipping the Lecture Hall
Columbia University is experimenting with the flipped classroom model in large lecture courses.
How Will Campus Networks Handle the Internet of Things' 26 Billion Devices?
The IoT will challenge wireless networks with big data, security concerns, bandwidth demands and more.
Using Video Grading to Help Students Succeed
Creating videos to supplement the grading process can help keep learners on track.
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December 2014 | vol. 28 no. 4