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Syllabus News Update for Friday, Oct. 31, 2003.

Syllabus News Update:
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Syllabus fall2003: December 8-10
News for Friday, Oct. 31, 2003
* Consortium Formed to Promote Higher Ed Wireless
* Educause Security Study Weighs Higher Ed Risks, Access
* U. California, Blackboard, Partner on Prep Initiative
* MIT Tech Review Names Top Innovators Under 35
* Kent State, U.K.’s Sheffield, to Offer Biz Best Practices
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Consortium Formed to Promote Higher Ed Wireless

A telecommunications entrepreneur plans to organize a
consortium of leading universities to aggregate wireless
services in order to achieve service economies. The Higher
Education Wireless Access Consortium (HEWAC) said it will
work with universities and colleges across the U.S. and
Canada to develop, procure and integrate wireless platforms
across their campuses and adjacent areas. HEWAC was started
by Thomas Muleta, the former business development manager
of PBS – the Business Channel, a for profit subsidiary of
the Public Broadcasting Service. He was also a manager for
Cable & Wireless’s Internet services division.

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Educause Security Study Weighs Higher Ed Risks, Access

The Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR) has
released a research study on IT security, that focuses
on how higher education is balancing the need for security
and open access to information. The study, "Information
TechnologySecurity: Governance, Strategy, and Practice in
Higher Education,” looked at 435 higher education institutions
and interviewed 42 technology executives, managers, and
faculty members. The study, done by Robert Kvavik and
John Voloudakis, with Judith Caruso, Richard Katz, Paula King,
and Judith Pirani, includes case studies on incident management
and IT security at Georgia Tech, Indiana University, MIT, the
University of Montana, The University of Texas at Austin, and
the University of Washington.

MIT Review Names Top Innovators Under 35
MIT’s Technology Review has come out with its list of the
World’s Top Young Innovators, researchers under 35 whose
work it believes has a “profound impact on today’s world.
The group includes a number of information technology
researchers including:

-- Kathryn Guarini, an IBM researcher and Stanford grad,
who developed a lithography technique that let engineers
pattern integrated-circuit features smaller than 100
nanometers, which packed more circuits, and thus more
power, onto chips.

-- Ayanna Howard of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, who writes
software for planetary rovers,
-- Joseph Pompei, a former MIT researcher and the inventor
of the Audio Spotlight directional sound technology. The
system uses nonlinearly propagating ultrasound to create
directional beams of sound in mid-air, which can be "shone"
and "directed" much like light.

--Joseph Popovic, an MIT researcher, who is working on
simpler, more powerful animation tools for novices and
professionals. As an undergraduate, Jovan Popovic found that
animated illustrations of math-problem solutions helped him
master complex concepts.

U. California, Blackboard, Partner on Prep Initiative

The University of California College Prep Initiative (UCCP),
a program delivering online courses, curriculum and support
services for high school students across California, has
joined with course management system developer Blackboard
Inc., to integrate its CMS platforms into the project.

Blackboard will also provide support and integration services
to UCCP's locally hosted Blackboard installation, which will
take advantage of California's Internet 2 infrastructure.
As part of the partnership, UCCP plans to grow its Advanced
Placement and Honors level online course offerings to include
more curricular options to students who lack access within
their local high school or district. UCCP will also bring
its Classroom Learning Kit program (CLK) online with Blackboard.

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Kent State, U.K.’s Sheffield Join to Offer Biz Best Practices

Kent State University will partner with the United Kingdom’s
Sheffield University to launch a block of training programs
and global best practice initiatives for businesses worldwide.
The two universities are developing curricula for the courses,
which will be offered in Jan. 2004. Topics cover Innovative
Thinking for Management, E-Business: Global Best Practices,
Knowledge Management Fundamentals.

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Syllabus fall2003 December 8-10, Cambridge, Mass.

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