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Special Supplement: Securing the Campus

Products :: Data Security

Identity Engines :: Ignition Guest Manager 3.3

The Ignition Guest Manager 3.3 network access control tool allows institutions to maintain complete control over who accesses which network services, where access is granted, and how long the access should last. The solution enables schools to meet security and regulatory requirements while shifting administrative responsibility for secure guest access management from IT to the departments or individuals who actually invite or interact with the guests. Other new features include SMS integration, linking access to a guest’s cell phone for improved security; automated credit card payment for wireless network access; and improved workflow. List price: $14,500.

Websense's Websense Content Protection SuiteWebsense :: Websense Content Protection Suite

The Websense Content Protection Suite protects organizations from data loss due to internal security threats such as accidental or malicious disclosure of confidential information. A new Websense Content Auditor component discovers sensitive data in a network, and identifies who is using the data and how it is being used, and the Websense Content Enforcer component implements compliance and risk management polices through user- and content-based policy administration and reporting. Pricing starts at $25,000.

St. Bernard Software :: LivePrism

LivePrism is a hosted e-mail, instant message, and web filtering solution that includes on-demand office solutions such as e-mail hosting, shared calendars, and secure archiving for mobile collaboration and message continuity. Each LivePrism service is remotely managed and delivered over the internet, and uses St. Bernard’s Global Gateway to monitor traffic and isolate viruses, malware, spam, and file sharing at the network perimeter, before exploits occur or bandwidth can be consumed. Residing “in the cloud,” LivePrism offerings are always on and can be accessed anywhere, centrally or remotely. Prices start at $3.95 per month, per user.

CA :: CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System

CA HIPS combines centrally managed firewall, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention capabilities to defend against blended threats. Administrators can create policies based on user behavior and existing examples, with any desired level of granularity. By detecting anomalies in system behavior, CA HIPS provides proactive, host-based security to counter zero-day attacks; threat events are logged to assist with compliance, reporting, and investigations. Pricing starts at $40 per seat.

Check Point Software Technologies' UTM-1Check Point Software Technologies :: UTM-1

The UTM-1 line of unified threat management appliances offers multi-layered protection against internet threats such as spyware, viruses, network attacks, and more. Features include a web application firewall as well as advanced security functions for VoIP, IM, and peer-to-peer networks. Centralized control functionality helps simplify management for multiple sites. UTM-1 also enables secure connectivity for remote users using integrated SSL VPN technologies, and gives IT administrators greater visibility into their network infrastructure through comprehensive monitoring and reporting features. Prices start at $7,500.

IronPort Systems :: IronPort C650

The IronPort C650 e-mail security appliance combines IronPort AsyncOS (a proprietary operating system optimized for e-mail) with advances in hardware, to double the scanning throughput offered by the previous-generation platform. The solution’s Context Adaptive Scanning Engine helps protect against both traditional and image-based spam by analyzing real-time spam streams to rapidly develop and distribute tens of thousands of rules, based on hundreds of thousands of message attributes. Contact manufacturer for pricing.

Barracuda Networks :: Barracuda Web Filter 3.1.5

The Barracuda Web Filter anti-spyware and content filtering solution enforces acceptable internet usage policies by blocking access to objectionable content and unauthorized internet application. Version 3.1.5 can now restrict Skype usage by user, group, or network IP address, allowing organizations to better secure the network perimeter, limit bandwidth usage, and eliminate unwanted communications. Pricing starts at $1,499, with no per-user licensing fees.

TippingPoint's TippingPoint NACTippingPoint :: TippingPoint NAC

TippingPoint NAC is a fine-grained network access control solution that enables enterprises to enforce device and user policies, to ensure both endpoint compliance and granular post access compliance. A centralized web-based NAC Policy Server console provides a real-time view of network activity and performance. The solution interoperates with the TippingPoint IPS (intrusion prevention system) to ensure all malicious traffic is blocked from each endpoint, and suspect or noncompliant traffic triggers other policy-controlled actions, including blocking, quarantining, alerting, or rate shaping. Pricing starts at $14,990.

Cisco :: Cisco Secure Wireless Solution

Fully tested and validated, the Cisco Secure Wireless Solution is an architectural design that builds on the company’s Self Defending Network framework to provide a comprehensive set of advanced security features for wireless LANs. Features include: unified wired and wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems; client validation, posture assessment, and remediation for wireless users; single sign-on capabilities and 802.1X integration; integrated firewall services for guest access; host intrusion prevention; and rogue detection and containment. Contact manufacturer for pricing.

GFI Software :: EndPointScan

The EndPointScan free online service checks which devices are or have been connected to computers on a network, and by whom, to help administrators identify areas where portable storage devices could pose a data security risk. The tool performs granular checks across all types of ports (such as USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, infrared, PCMIA, and WiFi) on all machines, and is compatible with existing network management or administrative tools.

Novell's Identity Manager 3.5Novell :: Identity Manager 3.5

Novell’s Identity Manager 3.5 user-provisioning and identity management solution delivers a high level of integration with authentication, single sign-on, and security information and event monitoring solutions, and offers tools such as advanced visual modeling, workflow, and selfservice capabilities, to reduce the need to enter, update, and delete user information across all systems. Tight integration with Sentinel, Novell’s security information and event management solution, enables Identity Manager 3.5 to provide critical feedback of system, network, and application event activity within the context of an identity. List price: $25 per user and $75,000 per server.

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