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Pearson Learning Studio Adds Genius SIS Integration

Pearson LearningStudio has integrated Genius SIS to provide a Web-based student information system for customers.

The integration, which is currently available, provides a registration and reporting system to users of the Pearson LearningStudio and allows schools to manage the admissions process and enrollment as well as monitor student performance and progress and then communicate that progress to both students and guardians.

The integration also automates a number of features such as:

  • User creation;
  • Course enrollment;
  • Grade reporting;
  • Activity tracking; and
  • Single-sign on.

With the automation, information is synchronized between both Pearson LearningStudio and Genius SIS, saving time needed for double-entry of the same data by users. The two systems will also be able to work together. For example, data generated through the use of Pearson LearningStudio can then be reported through Genius.

"The integrated Genius SIS solution will provide customers a simple and straightforward way to manage student data and spend more time focusing on student outcomes," said Mark Russell, vice president of account management operations at Pearson eCollege.

"The addition of Genius SIS has been a tremendous help in managing our online school effectively," said Kate Swistowicz, technology director at the Wyoming e-Academy of Virtual Education.  "The simple tasks and reports that occur in Genius let us manage and pace our students in a way that wasn't previously available. We are very happy with the partnership of these two products."

For more about Pearson LearningStudio, visit Visit for more about Genius SIS.

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