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Schreiner U Adopts Predictive Analytics Suite

Schreiner University, a private four-year school, has selected an analytics and reporting provider in an effort to begin gathering and mining more data.

The predictive analytics package, Conway, NH-based Rapid Insight's Analytic Suite, will provide the school an efficient method to look at data from a variety of sources to identify risks and opportunities down the road through data mining and other data gathering activities. Once raw data is collected, it can then be turned into a useful product.

Selection of the analytics suite will allow data relationships to be quickly determined for use in constructing predictive models, a technique that is used to attempt to predict future behavior and then anticipate the consequences of change.

Selection of the suite was based on speed of analysis and maximization of resources, a school representative noted.

In addition, the selected analytics suite allows for both automated reporting and customization of reports, both for internal consumption at the university and for use externally outside the campus community. The university will also now have the ability to create ad-hoc analyses and dashboards.

Features of the analytics suite adopted include:

  • Unlimited filters for any data set;
  • Variable creation;
  • Ad-hoc analyses;
  • One Touch reporting;
  • Automated modeling;
  • The ability to create custom dashboards;
  • Exploratory analysis for automatically finding relationships within data;
  • Correlation analysis to allow immediate view of the level of correlation between any two variables at a click;
  • Connection to disparate sources of data; and
  • Automated reporting.

"The software filled the need to produce in-depth analyses within short timeframes and with limited resources. I am very pleased to say that Rapid Insight has gone beyond my expectations," said Gloria Stewart, director of institutional research at Schreiner. "And the support services provided by Rapid Insight were a significant factor in purchasing the software."

A Kerrville, TX-based liberal arts university, Schreiner enrolls 1,100 undergraduate and graduate students.

In business since 2002, Rapid Insight is a provider of predictive analytics and business intelligence solutions. More information on the company is available at

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