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Financial Aid Comparison Tool ELMSelect Launches Updated Version

ELM Resources has launched version 2.0 of its ELMSelect online lender comparison resource, enhancing interface features for students, institutions, and lenders.

For students looking to borrow, ELMSelect 2.0 features side-by-side field-level comparisons of loan products, enabling students to "compare and select a lender that best fits their loan needs," according to an ELM release, along with the increased interactivity and more detailed loan information.

User schools gain self-service capabilities in the new version, enabling them to manage their product lists, edit their school profile, and manage their lender relationships. Schools can also access an ELM supplied, neutral list of lenders to provide more choices for students.

Lender users can manage their own products with more than 40 customizable fields and can set up their lender and product listings directly within the updated version.

"We are excited about this next generation of ELMSelect," said Phillip Wade, ELM's chief operating and information officer, in a release. "We have received positive feedback from school customers as we work with them to convert their current version of ELMSelect into ELMSelect 2.0, and we welcome financial aid professionals not currently using ELMSelect to review our new product and consider how it can help them manage their lender list information in a compliant, interactive way."

Alongside ELMSelect 2.0, ELM Resources' other products include ELMNet, for processing private loans, and ELM NDN, for receiving and returning private loan funds.

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Kevin Hudson is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at [email protected].

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