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N2N Services, Modo Labs Partner on Mobile Tech for Higher Ed

N2N Services, a provider of higher education system integration, and Modo Labs, a mobile engagement and campus platform, are partnering in an effort to help universities integrate disparate systems and make them available through a mobile app.

Through the combination of the two platforms, universities can use N2N Services' Illuminate data engine to access data from disparate sources, and use Mobo Labs' Kurogo mobile app assembly platform to make that data accessible to faculty and students. According to information from the companies, students can use the system to access their financial data, coursework, grades, academic resources and housing information, and to interact with their teachers, advisors, tutors and campus activities.

"The combination of the two platforms makes it easier than ever for universities to provide the comprehensive mobile experience that students expect," said Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo Labs, in a prepared statement. "Students will be able to easily accomplish even more important tasks on their mobile phones, including the ability to perform direct transactions in virtually any student information system, such as class registration, yet do so as part of an advanced, interactive and rich mobile experience."

The system relies on the Illuminate integration cloud platform to interconnect disparate data systems, and then the Kurogo mobile app platform uses Modo Labs' mobile-optimized middleware server to access, combine and transform the data, which can include maps, social media, news, videos, transit information and learning management systems information. According to Modo Labs, the platform is simple enough that even non-technical staff can use it to create native mobile apps for faculty, staff, students and visitors. The platform also includes special purpose modules for conference events, new student or employee orientation, commencement, career fairs and other campus events.

Further information about the Illuminate integration cloud platform can be found on N2N Services' site, and further information about the Kurogo app assembly platform can be found on Modo Labs' site.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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