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Cypher Learning Adds Intelligent Features for Skill Development

Cypher Learning, maker of learning platforms for K-20 institutions, corporate training and online education entrepreneurs, has introduced new AI-infused features for improving skill development. The product enhancements are part of an overall effort to transform the learning management system into an "intelligent learning platform" (ILP), which the company says provides a mix of traditional LMS and learning experience platform functionalities.

The ILP moves beyond the static features of an LMS, the company explained in a news announcement, by using automation and recommendations to deliver personalized learning experiences (including courses, learning paths, groups and other learning resources) for students based on their unique goals. Among the new features being introduced:

  • Goal setting and tracking. Students can set their own learning goals (such as achieving certain job roles or competencies), and then get an overview of their progress toward mastery.
  • Personalized recommendations. The platform offers suggested actions that students can take (view a video, participate in a Q&A, enroll in a course, join a group, etc.) to progress toward their goals.
  • Community features. Learners can connect with their peers through Q&A forums and other resource areas.

"Learning solutions are getting smarter," commented Graham Glass, CEO of Cypher Learning, in a statement. "By adding more intelligence into learning technology, organizations can better meet the needs of today's learners and step into the future. Our platform takes the learning experiences to a new level by focusing on the individual learner and how to drive their learning growth."

The company plans to roll out additional intelligent features throughout the year. For more information, visit the Cypher Learning site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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