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Generative AI

Atlantic International U Integrates Dall-E into Virtual Campus and Curriculum Builder

Continuing its commitment to offer artificial intelligence technology to help students create or modify their chosen academic programs, Atlantic International University (AIU) in Honolulu has incorporated image generator Dall-E into its Virtual Campus and Curriculum Builder tool. This addition builds upon the already successful integration of its ChatGPT platform, the university said.

Developed by OpenAI, neural network Dall-E is "a 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to generate images from text descriptions, using a dataset of text-image pairs," the company said.

After AIU students complete Phase I of their program, they are given several options for choosing courses. They can browse from 100,000 academic resources from the Merlin Media Center repository that fit their program, they can choose the "andragogic program" to create their own courses based on their interests, or they can do both and create a hybrid program. Having Dall-E as part of the Curriculum Builder tool gives students more flexibility to create and use images in their course curriculum, the university said.

"By leveraging Dall-E's image generation capabilities, students can explore and incorporate the latest innovations and trends into their curriculum design, ensuring their programs remain relevant and cutting-edge," the university added.

"At AIU we firmly believe that the integration of AI technologies like ChatGPT and Dall-E within our virtual campus and curriculum design is a pivotal step in shaping the future of education," said Jose Mercado Atri, AIU board chairman. "We're dedicated to providing our students with the tools and resources they need to thrive in an ever-changing world."

Atlantic International University describes itself as "an institution of experiential learning and non-traditional education at a distance. There are no classrooms and attendance is not required. What makes us unique is the combination of a student 'self-instruction' approach (with guidance), the collaborative development of a curriculum that is unique to each student, and the flexibility of time and place of study."

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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