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EdTech Connect Launches Education Technology Search Engine

A new AI-powered search engine created exclusively for higher education professionals has been created by technology marketplace company EdTech Connect. The platform offers access to information at thousands of U.S. higher education institutions to help IT professionals making technology purchase decisions.

Users can search over 4,000 universities and colleges and over 950 tech providers serving them, based on several criteria, such as type of institution, student population, and technology stacks, all with a "near real-time snapshot of the technological infrastructure at colleges and universities nationwide," the company said.

The search engine has several features:

  • An interactive map and searchable database of higher education institutions based on specific criteria;
  • Insights into the digital structure of each institution, including predictive analytics and digital learning material; and
  • Customizable search parameters.

To use the search engine, higher education professionals can sign up for free with their .edu e-mail address, the company said.

"By introducing this AI-powered search functionality, we're not just connecting higher education professionals with data. We're empowering them to foresee trends, drive strategic decisions, and ultimately, enhance the educational experience," said EdTech Connect founder Jeff Dillon. "This tool is a profound step toward our commitment to innovation and the advancement of technology in higher education."

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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