Electronic Textbooks

E-books are being widely adopted as alternatives to traditional textbooks. Here you'll find articles detailing new developments in the area of e-book and e-textbook technologies, along with stories about institutions adopting them.

California Inches Closer to Open Content in Higher Education

California is moving closer to the realm of open education resources (OER) with passage of two bills in its state senate that would fund development of digital textbooks and courseware for free or low-cost use in higher education.

CourseSmart Launches Platform for Digital Texts in UK and Europe

CourseSmart released its first e-commerce platform in the United Kingdom and Europe, which will allow students and teachers to access e-textbooks and other digital learning materials on any connected device.

VitalSource Now Compliant with Education Tech Interop Standard

A company with an e-textbook platform for delivering digital textbooks to students has been certified as conforming to IMS Global Learning Consortium's Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 standards.

U Minnesota Bookstores Partner with McGraw-Hill To Reduce Textbook Costs

Students at the University of Minnesota (U of M) will soon have access to their course textbooks through their e-readers and tablets at a reduced cost.

Indiana U Signs Pearson into eTexts Program

Indiana University has signed a deal with Pearson as part of the institution's sizable eTexts@IU initiative.

How Nik Osborne Plans To Disrupt Class

The head of Indiana University's e-texts program lays out how his institution plans to "disrupt" the traditional textbook publishing model with the help of publishers themselves.

Bringing Open Education to the Mainstream

According to Rice University's OpenStax College initiative, the key to open ed success lies in better access to quality, turn-key content.

New Online Portal for Evaluating Textbooks

Faculty can review and evaluate textbooks using a new online portal from Akademos.

The Price Is Right?

Logically, e-textbooks should be much cheaper than the print options available to students--but they're not. CT looks at the rationale behind their pricing, and the market factors at play.

Pearson Foundation Survey Shows Boost in Tablet Ownership Among Students

A survey conducted by the Pearson Foundation found that ownership of tablet devices by high school seniors and college students has significantly increased since one year ago.

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