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E-books are being widely adopted as alternatives to traditional textbooks. Here you'll find articles detailing new developments in the area of e-book and e-textbook technologies, along with stories about institutions adopting them.

Campus Computing Survey: Mobile Apps Grow, Cloud Adoption Slow

The results of a nationwide survey about technology in higher education suggest that the growth of mobile computing on campus has been dramatic in the last year, but that despite the attention paid to cloud computing, most universities are taking a wait-and-see approach for most applications beyond e-mail.

Berkeley College Adopts Courseload To Provide Digital Course Materials

Berkeley College has selected Courseload, Inc. to provide digital material for the college’s online academic program.

Desire2Learn To Improve Integration with Cengage Resources

Users of the Desire2Learn Learning Suite will have direct access to digital materials from Cengage Learning thanks to a partnership between the two companies announced last week.

Western Governors U Taps CourseSmart for E-Textbook Delivery

Western Governors University has gone public with its use of a service that delivers textbooks in digital form to its students through its online learning environment.

Indiana U Strikes Cost-Cutting Deal with E-Text Publishers

Indiana University (IU) has negotiated new publisher agreements that are expected to reduce the costs of e-textbooks for students, extend the periods in which they have access to the texts, and give them more flexibility in how they use the digital material.

Saylor Foundation Kicks Off Open Textbook Challenge

The Saylor Foundation is offering $20,000 to college textbook authors willing to allow free use of their publications by students and educators. The deadline for the first wave of funding is Nov. 1.

Bellevue College Bookstore Adds Comparison Shopping

Starting in August, Bellevue College in Washington added a service that enables its bookstore shoppers to compare the price of alternative sources for textbooks and even buy them from the online store of their choosing. The comparison also includes estimated shipping costs.

3 Canadian Colleges Move to iPad Textbooks

Eminata Group, which runs six for-profit colleges and universities on 38 campuses in 22 Canadian cities, will be replacing traditional textbooks with digital ones over the next three years in a new deal with Pearson.

Inkling iPad Textbooks Add Group Study

A company that's converting textbooks into iPad apps has just released a new version of its platform. Version 2.0 of Inkling has a new study group feature that lets readers of the textbook communicate with others in class or Facebook friends by posting questions and comments on a specific page.

 Kno Textbooks for iPad 1.6.1 adds support for zooming and rotating 3D objects.

Kno Adds Khan Academy Resources to E-Textbooks for iPad

E-textbook developer Kno has released Textbooks 1.6.1 for iPad, bringing new multimedia resources to the textbook reader, including videos from Khan Academy, and adding new support for interactive 3D objects.

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