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Education Technology Features

The latest in-depth feature articles for campus technology professionals. Looking for the latest news and trends? Visit our Research and news pages!

Transforming Higher Education Financial Aid Through Automation

Technology holds the potential to revolutionize the financial aid process, ultimately bolstering student support — and success.

How Can Schools Manage AI in Admissions?

Many questions remain around the role of artificial intelligence in admissions as schools navigate the balance between innovation and integrity.  

When Thinking About Data, What Keeps You Up at Night?

The proliferation of technology in education means we have more data about how, what and if students are learning than ever before. The question is, how do we ensure that data gets into the hands of the people who can use it to improve teaching and learning, without invading a student or educator's privacy?

Learning Engineering: New Profession or Transformational Process?

Learning engineering combines theories from the learning sciences with problem-solving approaches from engineering, to create a process that can transform research results into learning action. Here, Ellen Wagner guides an exploration of this transformational process.

Top 3 Concerns Educators Have About Digital Credentials: And Why You Should Offer Them Anyway

The promise of digital credentials has had many people in education and employers excited for years. So why aren’t digital credentials everywhere by now?

Building Florida's First AI Degree Program

Miami Dade College recently announced the launch of a new bachelor's degree in applied artificial intelligence — the first such degree in the state of Florida and one of the first in the country. At the heart of MDC's approach is the conviction that education in artificial intelligence is for everyone — people at all levels need understand how to apply AI in their lives and careers.

AI: Familiar Territory or Alien World?

Sometimes we feel right at home with AI; sometimes it seems like an alien world. Here, Mark Frydenberg shares some practical advice to help educators find familiar ground as they guide their institutions through AI's disruptive technology changes.

Tapping into AI Across Every Part of the University

Touro University has embarked on a system-wide initiative to incorporate artificial intelligence into all of its programs — not only in teaching and learning, but also across research, operations, and policy. We spoke with Dr. Shlomo Argamon, Touro's recently appointed associate provost for AI, about his role, the importance of AI in higher education, how to prepare students for the new world of AI in the workforce, and more.

Internet2's CLASS: Helping Researchers Move Forward with the Cloud

CT asks Amanda Tan, the research engagement program manager for Internet2’s Cloud Learning & Skills Sessions program, how CLASS helps the research and education community learn to navigate the quickly changing cloud knowledge base.

The EdTech Navigator: A Strategic Planning Framework for New Learning Spaces

Addressing the challenges of new learning spaces requires a new strategic approach to innovative planning, stakeholder engagement, continuous professional development, and a commitment to ongoing evaluation and adjustment.