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Studio Classroom: Designing Collaborative Learning Spaces

What does the "classroom of the future" look like? In contrast to the traditional lecture-oriented room, this increasingly popular kind of space, known as a "studio classroom," emphasizes group learning and collaboration. But designers might not always get it right. AV expert Michael Leiboff shares 14 distinct characteristics of a successful studio classroom design.

New Cisco Media Server Performs Speech-to-Text Conversion

Cisco Systems is reaching deeper into the education segment with the launch of two new products, one a video media processor that adds the ability to convert audio to text for captioning and the other a social video system for creating "video communities."

Workforce Readiness in Media Production: Professional Tools and Experience at BMCC

The Borough of Manhattan Community College, a City University of New York (CUNY) campus, is preparing students in media production for the real world. The college maintains an HDTV production facility stocked with professional-level tools and offers top students a chance to work with CBS pros during "boot camp."

classroom design, inteactive classroom design, designs for learning, school technology, campus technology, educational technology

New Classrooms: Solving the Front of the Room Problem

Much has been written about planning high technology classrooms to promote the highest degree of learning. At the outset, we should underscore our belief that there is no one "correct" or even "best" design solution. Classroom design should result from a clear understanding of the range of teaching requirements that the spaces are intended to serve.

Antioch U New England Pursues Carbon Neutrality over 10 Years

Antioch University New England, a small, private, mostly graduate-level college, said it expects to go carbon-neutral by the year 2020.

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11 Reasons Advanced Technology Classrooms Fail

Over the last two decades, there have been few, if any, academic institutions that have not built new classrooms and integrated advanced classroom technology in them. Many of these undertakings have been successful in several respects. Unfortunately and all too frequently, however, there have been stories of disaster as well.

Notre Dame Adds 6,000-Core HPC Cluster to Center for Research Computing

The University of Notre Dame has gone public with its installation of a high performance cluster for its scientific research computing work, adding a nearly 6,000 core cluster to its Center for Research Computing.

Stony Brook Lays in Motorola Passive Optical Network

Stony Brook University in New York has deployed a passive optical network (PON) in its Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology.

Georgia College Cuts through Broadcast Clutter with Digital Signage

At the encouragement of its student government association, Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville launched digital signage to help community announcements stand out.

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