Improving Dissertation Management at Liberty U

E-mail couldn't keep up with the communication demands of this university's fast-growing online doctoral program. So it turned to collaboration software for efficiency's sake and discovered it could help people connect better at the same time.

What Can Competency-Based Assessment and Degree Qualification Mean for the National Degree Completion Agenda?

As institutions are increasingly pressed to graduate more students and to do so more efficiently, says AAC&U Fellow Gary Brown, understanding how quality is defined will be critical--and building consensus around competency is an emerging strategy for ensuring quality.

West Texas A&M Upgrades Portal To Deliver Mobile Framework

West Texas A&M University has upgraded its open source enterprise portal framework and implemented a next-generation mobile framework in an effort to more efficiently communicate with students.

3 Universities Adopt Automated Web Accessibility Monitoring

Three universities, Penn State University, Purdue University Calumet, and the University of Texas at Brownsville have moved to an automated system for monitoring and validating Web accessibility and remediating issues that come up.

New Online Portal for Evaluating Textbooks

Faculty can review and evaluate textbooks using a new online portal from Akademos.

Unicon Adds Portlet Updates to Open Source uPortal

Unicon, an IT consulting company that specializes in developing open source software for education, has added 20 portlet enhancements to the Jasig uPortal project.

U Wisconsin-Milwaukee Rolls Out Mobile App Built on Open Source Platform

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has seen more than 9,000 downloads of an app developed in-house that provides students with easy access to campus information.

Boston Marathon? More Like a Sprint

After first creating a basic mobile site, Boston College doubled down to launch a services-based mobile site in just eight weeks.

AccessNow Transforms Desktop Apps into Web Portlets

Ericom has released a new addition to its AccessNow product family, Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals, which provides secure, cross-platform Web access to Windows applications and desktops.

Mobile Strategy or Moving Target

In developing a mobile strategy, schools must navigate a technology field that is evolving at tremendous speed. CT looks at the key questions facing colleges and universities.

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