Campus Technology Podcasts

Higher education podcasts from our sponsors.

Workstations: What’s New

Learn what workstations are right for your situation. This podcast includes discussion about innovations in workstations, and criteria to use when evaluating your needs.

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Blackboard Collaborate: Helping higher education do more with less

In this podcast, Rajeev Arora, vice president of marketing and strategy for Blackboard Collaborate, explains how Blackboard Collaborate can help higher learning institutions tackle Web conferencing, voice authoring and instant messaging, and how the solution helps colleges and universities stretch IT budgets farther than ever before.

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Secure Mobile Devices

Learn how you can let users bring personal devices to work without risking data security.

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Cisco Unified Computing: An Agile Platform For Your Next Gen Virtualized Data Center

Bob Fascina, Partner Development Manager, Unified Computing, Cisco Systems, will be discussing a unified approach to server consolidation and data center architecture that can help you avoid VM Sprawl, simplify your data center infrastructure, and make it easier for you to manage & support the evolving needs of your organization.

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Cisco + Intel = Acceleration

Jake Smith of Intel discusses how Cisco and Intel worked together to accelerate data center virtualization.

Intel Xeon 5000 Series Processors

Chris Peters, from Intel, discusses some of the energy efficiency and performance features of their new Intel Xeon 5000 Series processors and how they relate to the Cisco UCS.