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News 01-17-2001

Syllabus News, Trends, and Resources Correction

The January 16 issue of Syllabus News, Trends, and Resources contained an error concerning two upcoming Syllabus conferences. The Wireless Technologies track described is part of the Syllabus Spring 2001 conference to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio--not the Syllabus 2001 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The item should have read as follows:

Syllabus Spring2001 Conference to Address Wireless Technologies

The Syllabus Spring2001 conference, to be held April 5-8 in Cincinnati, Ohio, will encompass five tracks: Wireless Technologies; Interactive Communications, Conferencing, and Collaboration; Infrastructure, IT Planning, and Strategic Issues; Web Technologies: Portals, Resources, and Development; and Distance Learning: Issues and Programs, as well as a featured track concerning Virtual Teaching, Learning, and Technology Centers.

Track 1, focusing on Wireless Technologies, will consider a wide range of questions of interest to tech-savvy educators at colleges and universities everywhere. For instance, what is the present reality of wireless technologies? What is usable right at this moment on our own campuses? What kinds of wireless technologies specifically support the high-bandwidth and communicative interactivity needed for teaching and learning? What is the experience on campuses that have already tried teaching and learning using wireless connectivity?

Wireless seems to be a viable connectivity option for teaching and learning on a campus. But how well d'es wireless work with a whole class logging in at the same time? How is response time? How reliable is wireless computing? What has been the human experience?

In the sessions in this track, participants will hear about answers to these questions and many more. Samples of session topics include:

  • The current picture regarding wireless on campuses
  • How wireless can create "clinic teaching"
  • Updates on creating infrastructure to support wireless
  • Insights on wireless security issues
  • Stories about pushing the envelope on wireless mobility

Conversations during and between sessions with the coterie of wireless track participants will be interesting as well. Few academics have extensive experience with wireless, a larger number are experimenting, but everyone seems to be interested. This will be a lively track.

The Syllabus spring2001 conference will be held at the Albert B. Sabin Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio April 5-8. For registration information and detailed session descriptions, visit Also, be sure to check out the conference brochure in the January issue of Syllabus magazine.

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