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News 04-10-2001

Destination:Digital Initiative Unveiled

The Austin Area Semiconductor Executive Council, a group of nine high tech companies, recently announced the creation of Destination:Digital (DD)--a comprehensive initiative designed to provide a road map to students, educators, parents, and career seekers to explore and enter into high tech careers such as engineering, computer programming, microchip manufacturing and a myriad of other technology opportunities. The nine companies that have formed the Austin Area Semiconductor Executive Council (SEC) include Applied Materials, AMD, Cypress, Kinetics, Motorola, Samsung, International SEMATECH, SEMI and Tokyo Electron America.

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Digital C-Pen to Access Merriam-Webster Reference Products

A recent agreement between Merriam-Webster and the Swedish technology company C Technologies, developers of the image processing digital C-Pen will soon integrate databases from both the Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus, as well as a number of other titles from Merriam-Webster. C-Pen works as an electronic highlighter that scans printed text, which can then be stored in the product or transferred to a personal computer using infrared technology. Users will now be able to instantly access Merriam-Webster's dictionaries directly from their pocket-sized C-PEN whenever they want, wherever they happen to be.

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Educational Directories Unlimited Launches New Site

Educational Directories Unlimited, (EDU), a provider of online academic program directories targeted toward prospective students, has launched as an expansion of online directory of graduate programs. Visitors to the Web site will find listings for more than 2,400 U.S.-based post-baccalaureate certificate programs in a range of disciplines. The site allows prospective students to focus solely on post-baccalaureate, non-degreed programs, eliminating the frustration of sifting through thousands of programs that do not meet their needs. Programs are searchable first by subject, then by location.

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Full-Text Index of Computer Science Literature

The NEC Research Institute has launched ResearchIndex (, a free, full-text index of computer science research articles. The result of years of advanced research, ResearchIndex automates the tasks of searching, organizing, and navigating a library of more than 300,000 scientific research articles in the computer science field. The library incorporates advanced functionality such as autonomous citation indexing, which allows users to follow links between articles formed by citations, and to estimate the importance of individual contributions based on the number of times they are cited in the literature. Additionally, ResearchIndex employs advanced methods for identifying relationships between individual articles, and features context extraction, which enables scientists to follow a chain of research, highlighting how a particular development has been utilized or analyzed in subsequent research. The service is free for all to use and is also available as a software application for non-commercial use. Launches Economics Journals

The Berkeley Electronic Press,, has launched its inaugural set of academic journals, The B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics and The B.E. Journals in Macr'economics. Each set consists of four journals whose new titles are available free for a limited time at The B.E. Journals are involved with each step of the publishing process--from initial submission through to subscription delivery--via the Internet.

Lexis-Nexis to Offer Web-based U.S. Presidential Information

Lexis-Nexis recently introduced Access to Presidential Studies, an online resource for high-school and college students and researchers that will provide historic information about all 43 U.S. presidents. Users will be able to search and retrieve the complete text of inaugural addresses, State of the Union addresses, and scholarly articles dating back to George Washington's presidency. Access to Presidential Studies will also include autobiographies, office diaries, executive orders from 1862 through 1904, photographs, and images. The Web-based reference will house information from the Office of the President, as well as other sources like the media. Additional documents will be added during scheduled quarterly updates. Users can log on at

College Times Web Site Launched

The New York Times has launched its College Times Web site at, allowing college students and faculty to more easily locate information related to their specific areas of interest. Visitors to the college site can search for recent Times articles by subject and can sign up to receive free e-mail alerts when new articles related to their specific fields of study are published on In addition, users can access a number of additional resources, from career-planning information for students to instructional resources for faculty. The Faculty section includes Teaching with The Times, a set of free curriculum guides that offer innovative ideas about how to augment course content with The New York Times and suggest tips for lectures, discussions, research essays and tests in various subject areas. Faculty will also find direct links to education news and other relevant content from

MIT to Make Course Materials Available Free on the Web

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced recently that it plans to make the materials for nearly all its courses freely available on the Internet over the next ten years. The Web site for the project--MIT OpenCourseWare--would include material such as lecture notes, course outlines, reading lists, and assignments for each course. Over the next decade, the project expects to provide materials for more than 2,000 courses across MIT's entire curriculum--in architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts, social sciences, management, and science. The project would begin as a large-scale pilot program over the next two years, starting with the design of the software and services needed to support such a large endeavor, as well as protocols to monitor and assess its utilization by faculty and students at MIT and throughout the world. By the end of the two-year period, it is expected that materials for more than 500 courses would be available on the MIT OCW site.

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AppleWorks 6.1 Edition for Educators

Apple recently announced the AppleWorks 6.1 update, now featuring DataViz MacLinkPlus translators allowing users to view, modify, share, and exchange Microsoft Office documents. A special edition of AppleWorks 6.1 exclusively for educators features support for both Mac and Windows computers. The software combines word processing, page layout, image manipulation, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations in one application. AppleWorks 6.1 also includes a library of Internet-based, education-specific templates, designed by educators. An updater is available immediately as a free download to all Mac users currently running AW 6.0.4. The updater includes a preview version of AppleWorks 6.1 for Mac OS X. A retail package including versions for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X operating systems is expected to be available in spring 2001.

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Virtual Tour Technology for the Palm

InPlace recently announced that its NetVisits virtual tour technology will soon be available for use with handheld devices using the Palm OS such as the Handspring Visor Prism, Sony Clie, and the recently announced Palm M505.

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Vweb Encoder Card Enables Video Over IP Services

Vweb, an MPEG video compression and broadband solutions provider for network applications, has made available its MPEG-2 A/V encoder board. Designed to compress audio and video for storage and network applications within a PC environment, its main application is video over IP, enabling the delivery of streaming video with multicasting technology, video on demand, and video conferencing. The board takes S-video or composite video along with analog audio as inputs and performs MPEG-2 compression. It fits into a standard PCI slot and includes a Windows-based GUI, Windows 98/2000 WDM drivers or Linux drivers for easy installation and setup.

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Accenture and ContentGuard Team for Digital Rights Management

Accenture and ContentGuard recently announced an agreement to work together to provide digital rights management (DRM) solutions to enable clients to manage rights in digital content uch as e-books, music, and video. Accenture and ContentGuard are collaborating to meet clients' digital content distribution needs by offering customized packages of ContentGuard's RightsEdge technology and services. This will offer clients the opportunity to implement solutions in-house, outsource the entire digital content distribution process, or select a combination of the two.

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