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Video and Presentation Technologies:

Desktop and Portable Projectors

3M 1700 Series Projectors

The 1700 series features extended ENX lamp life and a closed head for added protection. All models offer 2,000 lumens output. Model 1715 has a closed double lens. Model 1707 and 1710 offer a closed single lens, and the 1710 includes a lamp changer for instant bulb replacement. Contact: 3M Corp., Austin, TX; (800) 328-1371;



BarcoReality 6400

BARCO's new BarcoReality 6400 DLC projector delivers up to 4,000 lumens (3,400 ANSI) light output. High resolution S-XGA (1280 x 1024) LCD panels with Micro Lens Arrays deliver razor sharp images from any Video, HDTV, or computer sources on screens up to 20 feet wide. Contact: BARCO Projection Systems America, Kennesaw, GA; (770) 218-3200;

Canon LV-7500 Projector

Canon's portable LV-7500 XGA-class model has a maximum brightness of 1400 ANSI lumens. Anti-reflection coating suppresses surface reflection and provides sharp resolution. The plug-and-play system features automatic tracking and image position, power zoom and focus, and a single remote control for both the projector and PC. The LV-7500 is capable of projecting up to 300 inches diagonally. Contact: Canon, U.S.A. Inc., Lake Success, NY; (516) 328-5960;

Digital Projection Lightning Series

Digital Projection's new Lightning series offers users a new design that includes built-in handles for increased mobility. It includes serial digital inputs, rigging and stacking points, oversampled SXGA image resizing, Faroudja video decoding, and other standard features. Both the Lightning 10sx and 15sx weigh 180 pounds. Contact: Digital Projection Inc., Kennesaw, GA; (770) 420-1350;

Dukane Image Pro 8030

Dukane's new, lightweight 11-lb. ImagePro 8030 offers super-compact design and plug-and-play capabilities for presenting in almost any setting, particularly school room or conference room environments. A built-in digital image magnification lens lets users expand an image up to eight times its original size. A variety of mounting options, including a ceiling mount, are available. Contact: Dukane Corp., St. Charles, IL; (630) 584-2370; www.dukane.


The new EIKI LC-SX1U offers 2300 lumens in a 39.3-lb. package. Compatible with most workstations, the LC-SX1U is also ready for digital, with a digital flat panel port and graphics adapter, as well as VGA and 5 BNC inputs. The projector is equipped with a 1:1.29 power zoom and focus lens as original equipment. Contact: EIKI International, Lake Forest, CA; (800) 322-3454;

Electrohome VistaGRAPHX 5000

Electrohome introduces the VistaGRAPHX 5000, delivering 5,000 ANSI lumens in a 100-lb. package. The 5000 features true 1024-x-768 resolution, brightness uniformity greater than 90 percent, 10-bit digital gray-scale accuracy, and stable color temperature over the life of the Xenon lamp. The projector sets up in less than 15 minutes. Features include various fixed and zoom lenses, interchangeable on all Vista Series projectors, complemented by a wide range of optional accessories. Contact: Electrohome Projection Systems Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; (519) 744-7111;

ELMO EDP 5100 Projector

ELMO's EDP 5100 multimedia projector offers a small body size, full picture size without a sacrifice in image quality, and 650 ANSI lumens of brightness that allow the product to function well in bright rooms. The product is equipped with a wireless remote mouse, which can control the EDP-5100 as well as a PC. The design features an automatic control on the speed of the cooling fan to reduce noise. Contact: ELMO Corp., New Hyde Park, NY; (516) 775-3200;



Epson PowerLite 5350 Projector

Epson's portable projector model 5350 weighs only 13.7 pounds and offers 1500 ANSI lumens for projection in full daylight. It features Epson's new SizeWise resizing technology, which allows it to accept virtually every notebook resolution. The 5350 utilizes Seiko Epson's three LCD projection system, achieving high ratings in brightness distribution, color saturation, color accuracy, and efficiency. Contact: Epson America Inc., Torrance, CA; (800) 463-7766;

Fujitsu Plasmavision 42

The Plasmavision display accepts the latest video and computer graphics input, giving a big screen image on a flat, focused panel less than six inches thick. The wide viewing format allows viewers to see equally well from any corner of the room. Digital processing electronics automatically resize any input to provide a clear image. The 42-inch screen offers a resolution of 852-x-480 pixels. Contact: Fujitsu, Fairfield, NJ; (888) 888-3424;

Hitachi CP-X960W

Hitachi's CP-X960W projector allows the user to display images from diverse information resources–such as video and VGA images–accurately with excellent resolution. The projector compensates for data loss automatically to ensure more natural XGA reproduction. It features 1024-x-768 color pixels, 1,800 ANSI lumens, and a power zoom lens. Contact: Hitachi Inc., Brisbane, CA; (800) 225-1741;

Hughes JVC G2000 DILA

The new G2000 delivers high brightness on screens up to 35 feet wide. The use of a polarization combiner and redesigned integrator optics, as well as a new short-arc 420-watt Xenon lamp, provides the G2000 with a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio greater than 350:1. It is available with either a zoom lens or a special fixed focal length lens with vertically adjustable offset, allowing the flexibility to change the orientation of the projector to the screen to suit a wider range of applications. Contact: Hughes JVC Inc., Carlsbad, CA; (760) 929-5300;



Kodak DP2000

The KODAK DP2000 Projector has a design partnered to today's laptop and handheld computers. At just 4.8 lbs. and smaller than a laptop computer, the handheld projector is capable of 16.7 million colors and true XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution. The projector features the Kodak Image Manager for image quality and easy-to-use settings for color, brightness, and contrast. Multimedia capabilities add sound, special effects, animation, live Internet connections, and full-motion video. Contact: Eastman Kodak, Company, Rochester, NY; (800) 235-6325;

Megapower ML Series

The Megapower ML series projectors are lightweight projectors with 100 to 1,300 ANSI lumens. They come with a motorized zoom and focus lens and RS-232 control. The projectors feature over 80 percent uniformity from center to corner, providing greater color saturation and brightness. Other features include a 2,000-hour lamp and special functions such as rear projection, ceiling projection, and multi-language menu.. Contact: Megapower Technologies, Carlsbad, CA; (800) MEGA-321;

Mitsubishi X300

The X300 from Mitsubishi Electronics is an XGA LCD projector offering portability for travel. Features include a 2,000 ANSI lumens, a 300:1 contrast ratio, and 1024-x-768 XGA resolution with a maximum resolution of 1280-x-1024 SXGA. The projector is suitable for front, rear, and ceiling mount installations and includes live picture-in-picture, simultaneous video and RGB sourcing, an on-screen graphic user interface in seven languages, power zoom, and built-in laser pointer. Contact: Mitsubishi Electronics, Cypress, CA; (714) 220-2500;

nView P1500 XGA Projector

nView Corp. has introduced the P1500, an LCD projector with brightness of 1,500 lumens and XGA resolution. Based on three polysilicon LCDs, the P1500 supports a direct serial input, which allows high-quality video input. The projector also features a multifunctional remote that can work with wireless and wired modes. Contact: nView Corp., Newport News, VA; (757) 873-1354;

Panasonic PT-L557U Portable Projector

Panasonic has introduced the PT-L557U portable SVGA LCD projector. Featuring 1,500 ANSI lumens and a high-contrast ratio of more than 250:1, it is also offers a center-to-corner ratio of 95 percent. The PT-l557U includes a PC Card slot with slide management software that supports one-touch screen capture as well as the ability to perform unattended, self-running, continuous-play presentations. Slide management software allows the user to sort, move, delete, or archive up to 100 images on a single PC card. The 13.6-pound projector displays a native resolution of 800-x-600 SVGA with a maximum resolution of 1024-x-768 XGA in compressed mode. Contact: Panasonic Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (800) 528-8601;

Philips Hopper SV10

The Philips Hopper SV10 is a 12-lb. portable projector designed for smaller meeting rooms. The glass lens adds weight but ensures picture quality. Other features include the latest UHP lamp, good color saturation, constant brightness, 600 lumens, higher scan rates, and interpolated resolution (to SXGA). Contact: Philips Consumer Electronics, Atlanta, GA; (800) 504-9978;

PLUS U2 Series Projectors

The PLUS U2 Series, ultra-compact digital projectors weighing less than six pounds, includes the U2-1080 XGA and U2-870 SVGA models. Both feature Digital Light Processing technology by Texas Instruments, the enhanced PLUS Optical Engine, and deliver, respectively, 800 and 700 ANSI lumens of brightness. Both feature a 500:1 contrast ratio, digital keystone correction, automatic adjustment setup, manual and digital image zooming, new advanced compression technology, direct mouse control, freeze function, pick-mute function, quick-release adjustable feet, on-screen pointer, and full function remote control with laser pointer. Contact: PLUS Corporation of America, Allendale, NJ; (201) 818-2700;

Polaroid Super-Portable Projectors

Polaroid offers two LCD projectors: the Polaview 335 XGA and the 235 SVGA. Both feature sharp resolution and compatibility with multiple input and output devices. The projectors have a brightness of 1,000 lumens and XGA resolution of 1024 x 768. A PC card adapter gives computer-free presentations or the ability to run a digital camera directly through the projectors. Each model weighs 10.2 pounds. Contact: Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, MA; (800) 343-5000;

Proxima Desktop Projector 6810

At 900 ANSI lumens, the Proxima 6810 desktop projector is bright enough to use in most lighted environments. The motorized 1.5:1 lens offers a wide range of zoom settings and image sizes. Multiple computer and video inputs accommodate multiple presenters and make it easy to switch between presenters. The XGA (1024 x 768) resolution provides crisp, detailed images. Front and rear IR ports make remote operations easy from anywhere in the room. Contact: Proxima Corp., San Diego, CA; (800) 447-7692;

Sanyo PLC-8810N

Sanyo introduces the PLC-8810N Multimedia Pr'EX, a projector that is smaller, lighter, and brighter than any Sanyo has offered before. The PLC-8810N delivers an ultracompact package at only 13 pounds, including power zoom and focus. With True XGA output, the PLC-8810N is compatible with most workstations. Contact: Sanyo Inc., Chatsworth, CA; (818) 998-7322;

Sharp Notevision6

The Notevision6 is designed for both stationary conference room applications and portable use. Delivering 2,200 ANSI lumens, the Notevision6 includes high image quality, optional lenses, a native XGA resolution, and a wide range of data and video signals. The unit is compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and DTV/HDTV video signals, and can automatically adjust to handle images up to UXGA resolutions and various Macintosh and electronic workstation data signals. Contact: Sharp Electronics Corp., Mahwah, NJ; (201) 529-8731;

Telex P1000 Projector

The Telex P1000 XGA LCD Notebook projector merges the two features demanded most by mobile presenters: super-high brightness (1000 ANSI lumens) and lightweight specifications (under 10 pounds). Presentations can be auto-played from three to 99 seconds per slide or photo. The P1000 also includes a remote mouse with PC/Mac control, projector control, and on-screen remote. A built-in PC card offers digital camera playback for computer-free presentations. The Expand feature allows users to zoom in on a portion of an image in various sizes. Contact: Telex Communications, Minneapolis, MN; (612) 884-4051;

Toshiba MediaStar Projectors

Toshiba's new MediaStar projectors, the TLP450 and TLP650, are the company's first ultra-lightweight projectors, weighing in at 7.9 and 9.9 lbs. Toshiba is offering a choice of two XGA models and two SVGA models. The XGA models are rated at 1,100 ANSI lumens, and the SVGA models feature 1,000 ANSI lumens. Contact: Toshiba America Consumer Products Inc., Wayne, NJ; (800) 631-3611;

ViewSonic PJ806 Projector

The ViewSonic PJ860 is suited to larger, well-lit presentation rooms. The product is compact and weighs 13.7 pounds. It features super-bright presentation, a built-in PC memory card slot for computer-free presentations, 1,500 ANSI lumens, and a wireless remote with built-in mouse and laser pointer. Input sources for video and PC or Macintosh systems are included. Contact: ViewSonic Corp., Walnut, CA; (909) 869-7976;


Video Application Software and Systems

3CX IXJet Series

IXJet Streaming provides high-quality video delivery for applications ranging from Internet delivery to broadcast-quality, on-demand video solutions. The software allows a campus to deliver live and pre-recorded video to desktops on and off campus. 3CX's streaming solutions offer a smooth migration path from traditional analog to complete digital video distribution for schools. Using this system, faculty and students can access educational tools in classrooms, residence halls, homes, or offices. IXJet Streaming Server provides entertainment-quality, streaming video-on-demand software for distance learning applications. IXJet Network Video Explorer allows organizations to develop and manage multimedia libraries. Web-based synchronized content creation and presentation tools are available in IXJet Network Video Presenter. Contact: 3CX, San Jose, CA; (408) 369-8288;

Avid Softimage Media Illusion

Softimage Media Illusion 6.0 is a digital nonlinear compositing and special-effects software just released from Avid Technology. The software, available for Silicon Graphics workstations, features new animation and graph editors that replace previous curves with more flexible bezier curves, node cloning that provides the ability to quickly and easily create multiple clones of a single process node, improved tracking, new HSV color correction process, user selectable color look-up tables, and complete Y2K compliance. Contact: Avid Technology, Tewksbury, MA; (800) 949-AVID;

Creston CNX Systems

Creston CNX Systems make any AV device an Internet appliance. Users can share AV devices located in a central control room across any number of rooms, through the LAN/WAN, or Internet. Users can load programs, assist presenters, and perform low-level diagnostics remotely. E-control e-mail Instant Messaging notifies managers if a projector lamp fails. Contact: Creston Electronics, Rockleigh, NJ; (800) 237-2041;

Ezenia! Encounter NetServer

Ezenia!'s Encounter NetServer is a standards-compliant multimedia communications server. It lets users dynamically create and participate in real-time multimedia conferences while sharing and editing electronic documents. Users can join training classes and participate in meetings with remote users. All that is needed is access to a multimedia-enabled PC and a TCP/IP connection or a standard telephone line. Contact: Ezenia!, Burlington, MA; (781) 229-2000;


The Finish systems make broadcast and professional quality video creation more accessible and affordable, allowing faculty to build polished presentations with user-friendly tools. Finish V20: The Assembly System is the lowest-priced system. This video assembly system includes a rack-mountable junction box with component video and balanced audio I/O, real-time audio cross fades, ColorFX, MotionFX, dissolve transition, and other tools. Other models (V40, V60, and V80) offer more sophisticated and expensive components. Contact: Media 100 Inc., Marlboro, MA; (508) 460-1600;


SynchronEyes offers a collaborative environment where teachers and students can deliver dynamic presentations. This classroom instruction and computer-control software creates a focused learning environment in classroom or lab. A teacher can monitor and control students' computers, deliver software demonstrations to individual computers, and focus student attention on lessons. The SynchronEyes monitor feature provides a thumbnail view of each student's screen on the teacher's computer, allowing overseeing of student progress. Contact: SMART Technologies Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (403) 228-8559;

SM&A Integrated Control Center Environment

The Integrated Control Center Environment (ICCE) is a hardware and software-based system that operates multiple proprietary computer systems, video devices, and multimedia on a single platform, using two monitors, one universal keyboard, and one mouse. ICCE has been designed for computer centers, control centers, and any operations in which multiple platforms must be accessed from a single location. The system is designed to reduce cost in equipment purchases and maintenance, create less visual clutter, enhance efficiency, and reduce confusion, training time, and costs. Contact: SM&A Information Technology Solutions Group, Colorado Springs, CO; (719) 593-5974;

TC Reliance 3.0

TODD Communications' new TC Reliance software products simplify scheduling and administration for interactive video system users. Interactive video systems allow participants to interact visually and audibly from multiple locations, often at great distances. TC Reliance Web-accessed Session Scheduler allows the user to schedule sessions, review conflicting sessions, and make modifications from any Web-accessible location. TC Reliance Connection Control Software ensures that both scheduled and on-demand sessions run smoothly. Finally, TC Reliance Room Control Software offers multi-site control with simple screen management to make supervision easier. The software is Windows-based. Contact: TODD Communications Inc., Minneapolis, MN; (612) 941-0556;

Videonics Effetto Pronto

Effetto Pronto is a comprehensive QuickTime-based 3D-compositing and effects system for the Macintosh. Effetto is the intuitive compositing software application and Pronto is a PCI-based hardware accelerator, which accelerates the entire application including geometrics, filters, and rendering. Together with the optional video output daughter card, Effetto Pronto provides instant feedback and highly accelerated workflow and renderings in the creation of animations, motion graphics, and compositing. Effects, advanced titling, true 3D workspace, precise keying and color correction, effects caching, audio support, and 3D lights are some of the features included in the system. Videonics offers a free 30-day test drive. Effetto Pronto 2.0.1 is now available as a free download to current owners. It includes the new fast save and fast open feature, which opens and saves projects up to 400 percent faster than previously. Videonics has also added a stack view window to the titler, as well as improved timeline scrubbing performance. Contact: Videonics Inc., Campbell, CA; (408) 866-8300;

Zandar Technologies

Zandar's OmniVideo Series includes solutions for the simultaneous high-quality display of from 2 to 16 video sources, 64 sequencing video sources, and digital video sources to video or high-resolution VGA displays, including video monitors or cubes, sleek plasmas, or high-end projection systems. OmniVideo offers PCI-card-cased solutions and stand-alone boxed "MultiViewers." Capabilities include video scaling to any size and position, graphics underlay and overlay onto the multi-video display, logo insertion, and page sequencing. Contact: Zandar Technologies, Dublin, Ireland; (353) 1-2808;

Desktop Video Tools and Resources

Adobe GoLive 4.0

Adobe GoLive 4.0 simplifies Web production. Unlike with traditional Web authoring tools, users visually lay out Web pages using a grid and rulers for precise positioning of images, tables, and text. A QuickTime movie editor helps users create movies, import sound and video, add special effects, and link to external files. Using the QuickTime timeline editor, users can combine video and audio, create transitions, and perform every action needed to bring movies into a Web site. Contact: Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA; (408) 536-6000;

Analog Way

Analog Way offers a complete range of image converters, including scan converters, scalers, line multipliers, up/down converters, switchers, interfaces, boosters, and cables. The seamless Graphic Switcher fades and mixes instantaneously between 6 high-resolution sources from 29kHz to 130kHz with no synchronization dropouts. Studio Scan XTD is a converter compatible with incoming computer images up to 1600 x 1280. The Trans-Scaler line multiplier improves image quality by increasing the standard TV/Video resolution and allows video sources to be displayed full screen on multi-sync monitors, LCD/plasma flat screens, and data projectors. Contact: Analog Way, New York, NY; (212) 269-1902;

Applied Magic ScreenPlay

Applied Magic's ScreenPlay is an editing tool for videography, education, corporate/industrial, and government applications. Delivering high-quality video, real-time performance, and an intuitive interface. ScreenPlay is compatible with all major systems and offers over 50 transitions and effects. The software can handle multiple projects simultaneously, and files can be organized in a variety of ways. Contact: Applied Magic, Carlsbad, CA; (760) 931-6417;

ATI All-In-Wonder 128

The All-In-Wonder 128 multimedia board enhances graphics with 128-bit 3D graphics acceleration and 32bpp true color, and comes bundled with Video Wave II software for video editing. Using the All-In-Wonder 128 in a Windows 95 compatible system or higher, students can edit video from a camcorder on the computer or capture still or live video from Web television or the Internet for use in presentations and reports. With a relatively low retail price, the product is within reach for educators looking for multimedia application tools, graphics, and digital video solutions in one package. Contact: ATI Technologies Inc., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada; (905) 882-2600;

AutoAuditorium System

Telcordia's AutoAuditorium System is a fully automatic four-camera video production system. It tracks presenters, records sound, and makes video shot selections automatically, without a production crew, streamlining the production process and saving money. The tracking camera automatically follows a presenter anywhere on the stage, using adaptive image-processing techniques that do not require system training. Audio mixers combine sounds from the stage with those from the audience to create a complete program sound track. Auditorium Director automatically selects the appropriate camera view. Contact: Telcordia Technologies, Morristown, NJ; (800) 521-2673;

Dynamics Graphics Stock Footage

Dynamic Graphics Inc. offers The Professional Series, broadcast-quality, royalty-free, digital stock footage. The new 32-title collection gives producers and directors shots for attention-grabbing openers, suspense-filled cutaways, and more, without licensing fees. It is available in formats for every video purpose. A catalog and a browser CD are available free by calling (800) 255-8800. Contact: Dynamic Graphics, Peoria, IL; (309) 688-8800;

Fiber Options

The Fiber Options 601B series of digital-video, fiber-optic links transmits digital video one way over one fiber-optic cable. The series is available as multimode units with LED emitters or single-mode laser emitting versions with ST or FC/PC connectors. Contact: Fiber Options, Bohemia, NY; (800) 342-3748;

Focus TV View Pro AV

TV View Pro AV video scan converter enables users to easily and economically record high-resolution computer-generated images on videotape recorders, project them on large-screen projectors, and transmit them across a video conference link. Users can control the 2X zoom, pan, picture positioning, and flicker filter via the IR remote or front panel keyboard controls with both the desktop and rack-mount versions. Contact: Focus Enhancements, Wilmington, MA; (978) 988-5888;

Gentner APV200 IP

Gentner is enhancing its Audio Perfect line of conferencing products with a new APV200 IP video conferencing system. The APV200 IP incorporates advanced graphical user interface software that combines icons and text to simplify video conferencing. A built-in tutorial device makes it possible for even the novice user to configure the system quickly by following on-screen, self-prompting instructions. This computer-free system is designed to attach to any size or brand of TV, LCD, DLP projector, flat-screen, or other non-intelligent output display. Contact: Gentner Communications Corp., Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 975-7200;

ict Graphics Board 1500

The new Graphics Board 1500 videowall processing system from ict expands the capability of the HR-1500 processor allowing it to display HDTV and computer graphics up to XGA. Depending on the configuration of the system, users can create videowall arrays between 1 x 1 and 6 x 6 from a single system unit. Internal field doubling provides a flicker-free NTSC or PAL image. Users can simultaneously draw up three sources (one graphic and two video) on video, monitor, or plasma walls. Contact: ict of North America, Orlando, FL; (407) 855-5858.

IMSI Lumiere Video Studio

This video-editing suite allows users to produce presentations, tutorials, and home movies. It offers hundreds of sophisticated editing techniques, dozens of transition effects, and video filters. Lumiere offers even greater flexibility with the addition of two software programs in its suite. Included in the Lumiere Video Studio package are Corel PHOTO-PAINT, 7 Plus, and Sonic Desktop SmartSound Wizard. With these programs, users can build and edit audio clips and enhance and edit images, text, and photos. With Intel MMX technology support, the user is able to process audio, video, and graphics data more efficiently. In addition, with the VDO toolkit included in Lumiere Video Studio, users now will have video streaming for delivering video over an intranet or the Internet. Contact: IMSI Corp., San Rafael, CA; (800) 833-8082;

Inscriber CG/FeaturePak

Featurepak is a powerful title-creation productivity tool for leading video production systems running under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. Designed to help users make professional video titles quickly and easily, FeaturePak offers broadcast-quality titling capabilities at an affordable desktop price. Tools include text rotation, texture mapping, alpha-aware paint, and 5-layer editing. Contact: Inscriber Technology Corp., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; (519) 570-9111;

Interlink Electronics Freedom Writer Pro

Freedom Writer Pro hardware and software allow users to annotate projected slides to underscore a point, hand write notations over documents, or draw freehand. The user's mouse pad converts to a graphics pad at the touch of a button. An on-screen keyboard allows users to type Web addresses, enter messages, and edit documents. Alternatively, the user can write characters on the pen pad and let Freedom Writer Pro convert the printing to text. Contact: Interlink Electronics, Camarillo, CA; (800) 340-1331;

Kramer Video Matrix Switcher

Kramer Electronics offers a new 16 x 16 SDI Video Matrix Switcher. This cost-effective and adjustment-free switcher provides automatic equalization for losses on 75-ohm coaxial cable and re-clocks each of the 16 SDI outputs. Ideal for broadcast on-air switching or production studio use, the SD-7316 accepts either analog or SDI video as the source of its trigger, as well as any input as the sync source. Contact: Kramer Electronics USA, Clinton, NJ; (888) 275-6311;

Magnicoder Pro

Connected between a PC and a television monitor or projector, the Magnicoder Pro converts computer graphics to broadcast-quality video. Compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, it provides for conversion of up to 16-million-color XGA/VGA computer graphics in 1024-x-768 resolution. It supports NTSC, PAL, S-Video, and component standards. Features include sharp, realistic video without artifacts, transparent programmable keying, zoom and pan, and flicker stabilization. Contact: Magni Systems, Hillsboro, OR; (503) 615-1900;

Numonics Podium Pro

Podium Pro is a small-format multifunctional computer interface controller that connects to a PC and a LCD projector to allow the creation and execution of multimedia presentations. The Presentations Tools software permits live color animation and features various emphasis tools for delivering a point. All program functions are transferred to an electronic pen, enabling the instructor to operate a computer while standing at a podium. Touching definable Softkeys across the top of the board with the electronic pen allows the user to launch video, graphics, text, animation, and audio. At 12.5" x 14" and weighing 2.5 pounds, Podium Pro is very portable. Contact: Numonics Corp., Montgomeryville, PA; (800) 523-6716;

Pointmaker PVI-46

The Pointmaker PVI-46 notebook marker allows notebook users to draw in color and direct pointers over any displayed computer image. Connected between the computer and the monitor, the PVI-46 becomes a visual aid, allowing presenters to annotate quickly and easily areas of interest on images displayed on a monitor or large screen through a projector. Its slim notebook size is convenient. Presenters may choose from a variety of marker types, including arrow pointers, dot pointers, cross hairs, and freehand drawing. Contact: B'eckeler Instruments, Tucson, AZ; (520) 745-0001; www.b'

RGB DTQ Video Scaler

Developed to improve the quality of video display by de-interlacing the video and interpolating lines, the DTQ Video Scaler will receive video input double, triple, or quadruple the number of lines for much higher quality video when output to any display, including CRT, projection, and plasma. The user controls how the signal is presented to the projector, and video processing includes controls for contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness. The DTQ comes with an infrared remote control and on-screen menus as well as an LCD front-panel display and RS-232 port. Contact: RGB Spectrum, Alameda, CA; (510) 814-7000;

RSI MediaPro384

RSI's MediaPro 384 allows any LCD projector to become a multimedia interactive audio and video presentation system for distance learning or teleconferencing. Users can do real-time video conferencing with data collaboration using NetMeeting, PowerPoint, or any other Windows-based program. All video and audio conference processing are done in the MediaPro 384 appliance, so no memory from the attached laptop computer is used. An alpha/icon-based toolbar is designed to be user friendly. Contact: RSI Video Conferencing, Minneapolis, MN; (800) 496-4304;

Scan Do Select

Scan Do Select video scan converter converts computer video signals at resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 to NTSC and PAL video signal in composite and S-video outputs. Features include RS-232 remote control, image freeze, adaptive computer sync processing, input zoom processing, and a built-in color bar generator. Contact: Communications Specialties, Hauppauge, NY; (516) 273-0404;

TV One Corioscan Pro

This computer-to-video tool designed for workstations, PCs, or Macs enables the user to project an image from a computer screen onto other displays, such as video projectors or TV screens. Simultaneous display makes conversion from computer to video seamless. Features include flicker elimination, 2X zoom, pan, freeze, dual composite, and brightness control. The Autoset feature automatically sizes and positions the computer image to fit the video screen. Contact: TV One Multimedia Solutions, Erlanger, KY; (800) 721-4044;


Visual Workstation Technology

Onyx2 Visual Workstation

SGI's visual workstation simultaneously processes 3D graphics, imaging, and video data in real time. Based on the ccNUMA architecture, the Onyx2 system combines performance, speed, high bandwidth, and parallel computing technology. Tools include clip mapping, texture paging, full-frame HDTV display, and volume rendering. Contact: SGI, Mountain View, CA (650) 960-1980;


Document Presenters and Interactive Boards

Canon DZ-3600U Camera

The DZ-3600U digital document camera delivers high-resolution detail-sensitive imaging, allowing the user to enhance presentations and video conferencing. Items as small as a postage stamp can be projected clearly and legibly. The system features high-speed image capture. Contact: Canon USA, Lake Success, NY; (516) 328-5960;


EduCart with WebLearner is a portable system with all the basic technology needed for classroom and Web-based learning. The system includes (pre-installed) WebLearner software, Tegrity Digital Flipchart software, Visualizer software, InterPointer, and an all-in-one cart design from Acer: a desktop PC, LCD Projector (2 options), Document camera, teacher camera, wireless microphone, and portable cart. Contact: Tegrity Inc., San Jose, CA; (800) 411-0579;

ELMO EV 400AF Visual Presenter

The EV-400AF is a top-of-the-line visual presenter designed for teleconferencing and classroom applications. The EV-400AF features over 450 TV lines of resolution for a clear image, autofocus, 8X zoom, and remote-control capability, including an RS-232C terminal. A rotating camera head captures images at telephoto position and can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Additional features include composite and S-VHS outputs along with a passive video selector controller for two other external video sources. Contact: ELMO Mfg. Co., Plainview, NY; (516) 501-1400;

Navitar Document Pro

Navitar's new Document Pro is a video presenter that projects 2D and 3D objects with 450-460 TV lines of resolution. A rotating camera and removable close-up lens allow users to switch easily between close-up and long-distance shots. The two-axis camera head rotates to allow viewing of an object at any angle. Images remain in constant focus. After use, the Document Pro folds flat for storage and its small footprint allows it to stand easily on a desk or lectern. Contact: Navitar, Inc., Rochester, NY; (716) 359-4000 or (800) 828-6778;

Nikon Document Cameras

Nikon's portable PI-30X/E weighs just 6.2 lbs. and achieves an 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, ideal for displaying written documents and 3D objects. The high-end HI-300XS/ES with 1280-x-1024 SXGA resolution interfaces to 35mm slides and microscope specimen slides. A serial interface is provided for remote control of all functions of the camera. Both models have internal non-volatile memory, compact flash card, and HDD respectively for storing captured images and transferring the images to a PC environment. Contact: Nikon Corp., Foster City, CA; (650) 378-8434;

Panaboard KX-B730 Electronic Whiteboard

The Panaboard electronic whiteboard features four separate writing screens. With four screens, the Panaboard allows instructors to continue to convey information without interruptions, improving the ability of presenters to describe complex concepts. The writing surface is 2' 10" x 4' 7" in size, providing enough space for classroom lectures. This is Panaboard's largest product. Contact: Panasonic Communications and Systems Co., Secaucus, NJ; (800) 742-8086;

SMART Board 1800 and 1802

SMART Technologies has introduced two new models of 72-inch rear-projection interactive whiteboards. These whiteboards allow classrooms to collaborate on electronic documents, capture results of sessions, and create a complete record of materials and notes. Users can access computer-based material using their finger as a mouse, capture handwritten notes to a computer file, and work naturally at the Board without casting a shadow. The 1800 series is a large, mobile cabinet that accommodates a wide variety of LCD projectors, computers, and multimedia equipment. A flip-down door exposes the SMART Pen Tray, which can be pulled out to provide access to whiteboard tools and a wireless keyboard. The SMART Board 1802 comes with an automatic display-mode switch to support notebook computers. The switch detects the notebook and displays its image on the Board. Contact: SMART Technologies Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (403) 228-8559;

SoftBoard System 400

SoftBoard System 400 combines a big-screen computer monitor with patented digital laser interface, allowing users to present the big picture and the supporting details all at once. The electronic pen performs like a fully functional mouse with both right and left click buttons. The whiteboard application turns the pen into a paintbrush, allowing users to annotate or draw. Contact: SoftBoard, Portland, OR; (888) 763-8262;

Wolfvision Visualizer Presenters

The Visualizer series VZ-47, VZ-37, and VZ-17 feature a synchronized light field, which marks the exact pick-up area of the built-in camera, extremely high depth of focus, shadow-free illumination, a motorized arm system, and a motorized top mirror, which allows for scrolling from the remote control. The systems boast a reflection-free area and no distracting stray light. Contact: Wolfvision, San Carlos, CA; (800) 356-WOLF;


DVD Video

Pioneer DVD-V7200 Video Player

The DVD-V7200 from Pioneer is a stand-alone player packed with functions for a variety of educational applications. Features include DVD barcode and laser barcode compatibility, barcode stack/command stack, video blackboard, hyper video, and videotext retrieval. Frame-accurate search control and the compact and lightweight design make this player ideal for the classroom. Contact: Pioneer New Media Technologies, Long Beach, CA; (800) 527-3766;


Monitors, Displays, and Services

Clarity DLP WN 5230-S

The Clarity Digital Light Processing 52-inch diagonal rear-projection display WN 5230-S features a one-chip engine that eliminates the need for convergence adjustment in production or during installation while maintaining the same 8,000-hour lamp life and low power consumption as Clarity's two-chip model. Combined with Clarity's ColorEdge module, which provides enhanced color matching between displays, set up time will be significantly reduced. Contact: Clarity Visual Systems, Wilsonville, OR; (503) 570-0700;

ComView ViewBoard

The ViewBoard rear projection system is an integrated visualization system offering a uniform, seamless image. Controlled by ComView's software, the system can display up to 24 inputs from workstations, PCs, and video sources. The ViewBoard comes with a black-coated, anti-reflective screen offering high contrast and resolution. Contact: ComView Graphics Ltd., Ra'anana, Israel; (972) 9-746-3644;

Da-Lite Advantage Electrol

This latest screen from Da-Lite was designed with the installer in mind. The extruded aluminum case is lightweight and the finished case edge has a clean look and allows easy installation of ceiling tiles around the case. Specially designed "C" channels on the top of the case allow mounting attachments anywhere along the case's length. It is available in a tensioned or non-tensioned version in a variety of fabrics. Contact: Da-Lite Screen, Warsaw, IN; (800) 622-3737;

Electrosonic Videowall System

Videowalls can be useful when projecting images in large arenas and auditoriums or during conferences and events. Electrosonic offers high-quality video display, installation, and customer support. Display choices include the ProCube AC/AutoColor 41" projection cube, designed for large screen displays, and CRT monitors. Control software features multi-source capability in an icon-driven environment. Also available are a programmable controller (which can control up to six videowalls), ImageMag and ImageStar (which each control up to nine screens), and remote options. Contact: Electrosonic Systems Inc., Minneapolis, MN; (612) 931-7500;

Intellisys Group

The Intellisys Group provides training, design consulting, and design/build services for institutions involved in planning and implementing multimedia communication facilities and systems. With over 3,000 projects completed and offices all over the United States, Intellisys offers expertise and timely, efficient delivery. The Portable Solutions team provides small, bright, easy-to-use solutions to connect to a PC, laptop, Macintosh, and VCR. Contact: Intellisys Group, Mountain View, CA; (800) 828-6464;

MicroTouch Ibid 600

The Ibid 600 is a 4' x 6' digital whiteboard that provides twice as much writing surface as MicroTouch's next-largest whiteboard. Although it looks like a conventional whiteboard, it connects through a PC to a standard serial cable and captures everything written on it in real time. With the addition of conferencing software, the whiteboard supports teleconferencing. Contact: MicroTouch, Methuen, MA; (978) 659-9000;

Mitsubishi LCD 52

Mitsubishi's new LCD 52 15" monitor offers an easy one-step setup system. Features include auto-picture, auto—gray scale, auto-smoothing, auto-scaling, and auto-adjustment. All functions are robotically calibrated at the factory for the clearest and brightest picture possible. Users can select and adjust more than 15 settings, including brightness, contrast, positioning, and clock phase. Contact: Mitsubishi, Cypress, CA; (714) 220-2500;

NEC MultiSync XV29

The MultiSync XV29 is designed for conference rooms and classrooms and provides solid display of computer graphics up to SVGA resolution and direct connection to composite and S-video sources such as VCRs. A pair of ten-watt front-firing speakers output bold audio. Included are infrared remote, on-screen displays, and Macintosh adapter. Contact: NEC Technologies Inc., Itasca, IL; (630) 467-5000;

panja LC TiltScreen

The panja AMX AXT-LC Liquid Crystal Touch Panel is designed for economical wired or wireless touch control. The black-and-white 640 x 380 LCD screen displays high-resolution black graphics over a white background and can change to white-on-black on command. The panel offers six-step tilt adjustment to match changing requirements. A full palette of graphic tools accompanies the unit. Contact: AMX Corp., Dallas, TX; (800) 222-0193;

Princeton AF3.OHD Monitor

The Princeton AF3.OHD is the first direct view 16:9 aspect ratio monitor to display all HDTV formats while maintaining compatibility with today's current NTSC signal. Features include four preset aspect ratios and six preset memories for the most common DTV resolution formats. It has a horizontal scanning range up to 50 kHz and custom memory settings for black level, contrast, geometry, and masking. The high light output CRT allows it to be used in high ambient light conditions. Contact: Princeton Graphic Systems, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 751-8405;

Samsung SVP-6000

Samsung's SVP-6000 high-end video presenter offers 1,500,000 pixels and d'es not need a computer to convert text or images to video. It features a built-in light box for 35mm slides and transparencies. The tilting head camera allows the user to rotate the head up to 90 degrees and the 12X-power zoom function allows presentation of documents with type as small as 8 points. Built-in RS-232C and USB interfaces enable the unit to communicate to a remote control system or any Windows PC. Contact: Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Secaucus, NJ; (201) 902-0347;

Stratavision Video Display

Stratavision is based on a proprietary fiber-optic technology that delivers seamless, quality images at high resolution, even at screen sizes of up to 20 feet wide. The vertically flat viewing screen can be made convex for greater viewing angles or concave for a closer viewing experience. Stratavision can conform to architectural shapes such as columns and corners. It delivers true plug-and-play convenience without computer processing by accepting all standard video formats. Contact: American Shizuki Corp., Louisville, CO; (800) 742-1292;


Digital Cameras

Hitachi M2

Hitachi is offering a new M2 camera that can create real-time MPEG movies, shoot and store up to 12,000 JPEG images, record up to 16 hours of digital audio, and record and playback full-motion MPEG-1 digital video. This ultra-compact M2 multimedia recorder has file management display on a built-in LCD screen and comes with an ultra-compact one-hour battery and 6X zoom. Contact: Hitachi Inc., Brisbane, CA; (800) 225-1741;

Kodak Digital Science DC 200

The Kodak DC 200 is a pocket-sized digital camera offering photo-realistic images in one million (1152 x 864) pixels with 24-bit color. Color LCD lets users review and preview pictures to save storage space. A reusable 4 MB Picture Card stores 13 to 60 pictures. The built-in flash with optional red-eye reduction fires automatically, and the focus-free lens ensures accurate quick shots. Contact: Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY; (800) 235-632;

Sanyo VPC-Z400

Sanyo's VPC-Z400 camera offers megapixel resolution (1280 x 960), still images, 3X Optical-Zoom Lens (34-102mm equivalent), and 2X digital zoom for record and playback in a magnesium body. The solar backlight LCD is viewable in direct sunlight. It can capture up to two images per second. The camera features adjustments for auto, daylight, overcast, tungsten, and fluorescent, and has a four-mode flash. Contact: Sanyo Inc., Chatsworth, CA; (818) 998-7322;

Sony DSR-200A Camcorder

This one-piece DVCAM camcorder has a 10X optical zoom lens, shoulder-type with 1" B/W CRT viewfinder, and VCT-type tripod attachment mechanism. The unit offers more than 3 hours' recording with a DVCAM standard cassette tape, and 2-channel XLRs input for audio signal. The DSR-200A features superior picture quality, long recording and operating hours, an easy-to-use viewfinder, and a lightweight unit (10 pounds, 8 ounces). Contact: Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ; (800) 686-SONY;


Lifts, Presentation Systems, and Accessories

abc2K Control System

The abc2K Control System allows the user to select from on-screen menu choices to initiate and end media events, maintain full control of the media deck located in a centralized location, and send on-screen alerts to the administrator or media center. The system provides controlled access to administration-approved TV and media channels and prevents unauthorized viewing of TVs and specific channels. Contact: Contemporary Research, Dallas, TX; (972) 931-2728;


The Datalift line of video projector lifts ranges from the lightweight DataLite, which has a lifting capacity of 115 lbs., to the heavy-duty series with a maximum lift of 600 lbs. Standard features include a cable management system, low-wattage trigger, adjustable show position, projection outlet, and choice of remotes. Contact: Display Devices Inc., Arvada, CO; (303) 412-9346;

Draper M1300 Front Projection

The Draper M1300 Front Projection system offers a 100-percent vinyl stretchable matte white surface. It features extremely broad light dispersion, spectral uniformity, and 180-degree viewing cone, without loss in resolution. It can be used with the Tab Tensioning System or on permanently tensioned screens for perfect reproduction of data and graphics. This screen is best suited for higher output CRT and light valve video projectors, as well as slide and overhead projection. Contact: Draper Shade and Screen Co. Inc., Spiceland, IN; (317) 987-7999;

Peerless 2000

The Peerless 2000 is the company's first universal mount for plasma screens. One adjustable bracket fits any monitor from 33" to 42". Available for wall or ceiling installation, its height-and-width-adjustable brackets hug the monitor. Front and rear roll-out protection secures the monitor at the top and bottom for complete safety. A slim design complements the profile of the plasma screen. Contact: Peerless Industries, Melrose Park, IL; (800) 865-2112;

Sony VIDP110 Presentation Stand

The VID-P110 offers superior quality images, advanced features, and operating convenience. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including distance learning and video conferencing. Features include high-speed autofocus, auto—iris control, auto—white balance, 12X powered zoom capability, and flip-up, pan, and tilt camera. Contact: Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ; (800) 686-SONY;

SVS Lifts

SVS Inc. manufactures patented motorized ceiling-to-floor lift systems. At the push of a button the lifts accurately raise and lower projectors, monitors, speakers, and other devices. The lifts are aesthetically stored above the ceiling for security and automatically positioned for operation. The motors are quiet and provide accurate, level tracking for consistent screen images. One-person operation allows for easy service and maintenance calls, and the safe work height adds to personal safety. Contact: SVS Inc., Englewood, CO; (303) 766-9505;

Wireless SurfMouse

The Wireless Computing SurfMouse is designed for computer-based slide shows, interactive training, and presentation programs such as PowerPoint. It features a fingertip-operated mouse touchpad similar to those on notebook computers, and two side-by-side large mouse buttons for left and right clicks. Radio frequency technology allows use of the mouse without directly aiming it in a particular direction. Contact: Wireless Computing, Austin, TX; (512) 263-8204;


Printers and Print Management Systems

PointSource Digital Copiers

Mita's new PointSource Ai3010 and Ai2310 digital copiers, with optional printer and fax capabilities, offer industry advancements in image processing, paper handling, and digital technology. Ideal for small to mid-sized work groups, both models are compact in size but are highly productive imaging systems offering "scan once, print many," electronic and rotate sort, dual 550-sheet paper drawers, and a 250-sheet internal exit tray. Contact: Mita, Fairfield, NJ; (973) 808-8444;


The new RISO FR2950 image-processing system improves print quality, making documents cleaner and crisper. Quieter operation and a new console appearance enable the FR2950 to fit seamlessly into an office environment. The operation panel has enlarged frequently used keys; less-used keys have been moved to a sub-panel. Features include multi-up function, which allows printing of 2, 4, 8, or 16 images on a page; a customer-programmable maintenance schedule; auto power off; and minimum print quantity settings. Contact: RISO, Danvers, MA; (978) 777-7377;

Xerox DocuColor 4CP

The DocuColor 4CP printer is a lower-cost networked printer using new imaging technology for full-color and black and white copies. The product uses smaller toner particles to form the printed image at 600 x 600 dots per inch. The printer prints 4 full-color or 16 black-and-white copies per minute, and accepts an entire print file from the network for processing and imaging. Contact: Xerox, Rochester, NY; (716) 427-4366;


Microphones and Speakers

Anchor Audio Portable Sound Systems

Anchor Audio manufactures compact, lightweight, rugged portable sound systems with clear sound reproduction. The Liberty System, designed to handle audiences of up to 1,000 people, features a full-range music system and a PA system with clear voice projection. The Liberty Xtreme speaker system can accommodate audiences of 2,500 and offers biamplified separate high and low frequency amplifiers for enhanced performance. Contact: Anchor Audio, Torrance, CA; (310) 784-2300;

ASTATIC 230 VP Boundary Microphone

The ASTATIC 230 VP boundary microphone offers a completely variable polar pattern so users can choose cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-eight, or many other configurations. The soft-touch membrane switch offers silent operation and can be configured to push-to-talk, push-to-mute, or push on/off. An LED indicates when the microphone is on. Contact: ASTATIC, Conneaut, OH; (800) 421-3161;

Microphone Conferencing System

Beyerdynamics's digitally controlled MCS microphone conferencing system has been developed to meet the needs of systems integrators seeking a very flexible, freestanding or computer-controlled system. Using the MCS 100 controller, up to 64 microphone base stations can be configured. Multi-function buttons and LCD display enhance ease of use. Contact: Beyerdynamic, Farmingdale, NY; (516) 293-3200;

PolarChoice Microphones

EVI Audio's PolarChoice gooseneck, quick-mount microphones (available in 12- and 18-inch models) are designed to overcome the limitations of a single polar pattern normally encountered with single transducer microphones. Users can select the optimal polar pattern for installation. A windscreen is included with the product. Contact: EVI Audio, Buchanan, MI; (616) 695-6831.

Sabine Wireless Microphones

Sabine offers a wireless microphone system featuring true mobility and targeted input processing. A built-in dual-battery charger saves money and the FBX Feedback Exterminator automatically eliminates feedback in setup and during the presentation, giving users a greatly increased area of feedback-free movement. Contact: Sabine Adaptive Audio, Alachua, FL; (904) 418-2000;

Sound Advance CT73 Loudspeaker

The CT73 loudspeakers from Sound Advance are completely invisible once installed. The 2-way, full-range speakers are designed to effectively replace standard 2' x 2' ceiling tiles in T-bar suspended ceilings. The speakers, ideal for teleconferencing, speech reinforcement, and background music operate between 40 Hz and 19kHz to deliver sound with a wide hemispherical coverage pattern. They can be placed further apart than traditional cone-type loudspeakers, reducing the number of transducers required to cover the environment. Contact: Sound Advance Systems, Santa Ana, CA; (800) 592-4644;

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