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Additional Networking Resources

Upgrade and Expand Your Campus Wi-Fi Network

If you’re looking for some solid numbers on what others are doing, perhaps to help make the case for upgrading or expanding your own campus wi-fi network, the yearly Campus Computing Project is a perennial good source. This comprehensive yearly study of the role of information technology at higher education institutions in the U.S. is headed by founding director Kenneth Green, who is also a visiting scholar at The Claremont Graduate University. The study is packed with useful data on all kinds of technology.

The survey was begun in 1990 and is the largest continuing study of computing and information technology in American higher education. The survey data comes from responses provided by senior campus officials, typically a CIO, CTO, or vice president for information technology. The 2003 survey is based on data provided by campus officials representing 559 two- and four-year U.S. public and private colleges and universities.

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Deploying Wireless Systems on Campus
Here’s a useful article that ran in PC Magazine in Fall 2003 on deploying wireless systems on campus. The author talks with Carnegie Mellon University’s Charles Bartel, a frequent source for Syllabus magazine as well, about the specifics of deploying a campus wi-fi network. It’s part of a series on wireless on campus that the magazine ran in the October 2003 issue. The article includes specific recommendations on getting started on a wireless project on campus (have someone technical on the staff take a class), as well as tips on how to use technologies most effectively (overlap 802.11a and 802.11g for best access).

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Understanding Wi-Fi

Confused about 802.11b versus g? What about 3G and WEP? SBC Communications, one of the largest telecommunications providers, offers a basic primer (in PDF format) on wireless terms and technologies.

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Boise State University Case Study on Authentication

Syllabus recently published a case study on how Boise State University went wireless while continuing to handle authentication through the school’s existing use of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The article appeared in the April 2004 issue of Syllabus.

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Place That Modem at the Deck at Your Feet and Step Back Away from It
If you’re moving your campus from modem pools to a more up-to-date high-speed network, wireless or otherwise, don’t miss Brian Voss’ article on modems, "Place That Modem at the Deck at Your Feet and Step Back Away from It"" from the April 2004 issue of Syllabus. Voss is the associate vice president for telecommunications in the office of the vice president for information technology & CIO at Indiana University. Voss also spoke with Syllabus for this article.

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Overcoming Wireless LAN Management Challenges
Wireless networks do offer challenges, of course. Read about how the University of Wyoming got control of its wireless LAN several years after rolling it out, using a third-party software management solution, in "Overcoming Wireless LAN Management Challenges." The article is written by Justin Borthwick, senior systems programmer and senior network systems manager at the University of Wyoming. He also talked with Syllabus for this article.

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