IT Trends January 5 2006

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Painting and Film Photography for Illustration Are Both Dead. What's Next?

By Terry Calhoun

I think we all knew the writing on the wall was there for traditional photography when eight megapixels packaged with an SLR camera body with interchangeable lenses became available at reasonable prices. And I don't think for a moment that the changes we're going to see in digital photography are even slowing down. It won't be long now until everything, even the buttons in our clothing have high-quality cameras in them.

But, illustration by hand--whatever medium, pastels, oils, pencil--is now also dead. How do we know? We know because National Geographic went digital in its latest issue about sea monsters. That's right, the gold standard in print publishing is now digital for illustration. If you've seen the latest National Geo issue, you know what I mean.

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Windows PCs Face ‘Huge’ Virus Threat

Yikes, this new one can create security risks even if the user d'esn't click on an attachment; infection could result just from viewing a website with an infected image on it! (Financial Times)

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Princeton Plans to Revolutionize Undergraduate Education

One thing the new interdiscipliinary centers will all share is a core of information technology infrastructure and research. (The Princeton Packet)

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Glitch Confuses Whitworth College Students Spending Accounts

Shortly after the semester began, many Whitworth College (WA) students on-campus spending accounts were accidentally 'restored' to their initial amounts. Now the accounts are being straightened out and students are finding they have less money than they thought. (The Whitworthian)

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Google Ghosts of Christmas Past

Bob Roseth, director of News and Information at the University of Washington, was more than a little surprised when the first item in his recent Google News alert was from "a release my office had issued back in 1999. A long list of other "news" items followed, from those golden days of yesteryear, 1997 through 2003. Even IT Trends was haunted by the Ghost of Google Past when we ran an award story last month for an honor the University of Washington received in 2000. Mea culpa! Read Roseth's humorous account of how this time warp happened and what he suggests campus IT and news directors do about it. Find out more


UC Santa Cruz Involved in Intense Upgrading of Wireless Network

The core of the net is occasionally maxxing out on its capacity. Small changes are being made now to CruzNet, but funding is coming along for larger upgrades next summer. (UC Santa Cruz Currents) Read more

Thursday, January 5, 2006

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The Firefox Hacks You Must Have

Apprently the new Firefox version has some pretty cool extensions available. Do these names interest you: BugMeNot, DownThemAll, SessionSaver? (Wired) Read more

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