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Penn State IT Administrator Testifies Before U.S. Senate on Internet Neutrality Issue

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Arlen Specter invited Penn State’s senior director of Information Technology Services, Jeff C. Kuhns, to advocate for net neutrality. He urged senators to support a bill that would prevent Internet service providers from blocking or altering certain Web content. In his argument, he used various Penn State-specific examples to illustrate the constraints of network discrimination. You can read the entire transcript here… (The Pennsylvania State University)

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Cheating Students Outsource on the Web

The University of Central England in Birmingham is catching on to a new cheating technique. Students describe their assignments online and take bids from other students who will complete the work for monetary compensation. Legitimate software assistance sites are often the basis for this activity, making it difficult to catch offenders. Some students are even receiving help internationally, from people in other countries who charge smaller fees… (

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Georgia Tech and GSE Systems to Collaborate

GSE Systems Inc. in Maryland hopes to utilize research and development capabilities from Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing, the Strategic Energy Institute, the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC) and the Global Learning Center. The school will help the simulation and training services provider to promote its “education through simulation” initiative. As part of its intended collaboration with Georgia Tech, GSE wants to advance its understanding of cognitive factors involved in decision-making processes and develop new visualization tools and diagnostic techniques... (TMCnet)

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What if Civics Class Were an Online Game?

This first person piece discusses whether “understanding the rules of association online can help you understand the rules of association in the real world.” With England now requiring immigrants to take a course in British citizenship, this writer wonders if online social networking techniques can be used to promote historical education and community involvement… (The Christian Science Monitor)

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