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IT Trends :: Thursday, December 7, 2006

New Technology

Easy to Track Runners Via Their Nike + iPod Technology

This is scary, and since lots of new devices using this technology are in the consumer pipeline, expect a lot of public angst about tracking and stalking. A report from four University of Washington researchers reveals that security flaws in the new RFID-powered device from Nike and Apple make it easy for tech-savvy stalkers, thieves, and corporations to track your movements “These things happen because the people building devices don’t think about privacy implications.”…

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When Professors Are More Wired Than Their Students

True, a professor who describes himself as a “trendspotter” and “gadget pornographer,” is bit leading edge, but this doctoral candidate – one of his lectures is posted here as a video – is appalled at how “way behind” his students are in the use of IT. Some are going to fight the collective intelligence of the community, but smart retailers and businesses will find a way to harness it, he says…

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New Teaching Model Creates a Different Learning Environment

At Fort Hays State University, the most surprising thing they’ve found from hybrid f2f/virtual teaching is the amount of cheating. Maybe not new cheating, but easier to catch than before. The new learning model combines traditional instruction in the classroom with virtual work, so students can complete computer assignments away from the computer labs…

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Future Interaction Technologies: The ITWales Interview

Enjoy this brief interview with the developed of the Future Interaction Technologies Lab at the Computer Science department of Swansea University: “Because computers get everywhere, not just into mobile phones, drug dispensers, ticket machines, the role of the FIT Lab is to have a much broader reach out into society.”…

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