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Lehigh University Debuts Open Virtual Classroom

Lehigh University has added a virtual class to its curriculum this fall called Bioscience in the 21st century. The multidisciplinary class is designed to allow anyone interested to watch lectures and study course material or PowerPoint presentations posted on the university's website for free. Lectures are also available from iTunes U, according to Lehigh University.

"There is a need for greater public understanding of science and to promote science literacy. This course is intended to meet that need," said Vassie C. Ware, professor and lead instructor in the course. "It provides a broad examination of issues in life science and draws upon the diverse expertise of our faculty."
The course's lecturers will include professors from various sciences, as well as English and philosophy. The course is designed to "explore several theme-based topics in bioscience and their social and ethical considerations" for examination of current life science issues, according to Lehigh University.

The course if funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institutes's bioscience grant that was awarded to the university in September 2006.

Lehigh University is located in Bethlehem, PA and serves more than 6,700 students.

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