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Katherine Grayson

IF YOU'RE ALREADY A FAN of Campus Technology Online, then you know that the resources available for site visitors and eLetter aficionados are vast: Our site, which changes daily, offers visitors the latest in campus technology news, trends, opinions, reviews, columns, and features-- some of which represent our rich magazine content, but much of which is original, up-to-the-minute information created just for you. What's more, the Campus Technology franchise boasts six (count 'em, six!) eNewsletters that go out to readers weekly and bi-weekly, depending upon the title, and which help campus technology executives and academic technologists home in on precisely the topics they need most: Web 2.0, Campus Security, the Smart Classroom, News Update, IT Trends, even the view from the senior management perspective in C-Level View. And site visitors find so much more, daily: award program case studies, rich "you are there" conference content, site visitor polls, event listings, and plenty of resources. Of course, we understand that there just aren't enough hours in the day, week, or month to take advantage of all the content available to you. So, whether you're a die-hard site devotee or you haven't yet landed on our .com, we dedicate this special year-end Best of CT Online 2008 issue to you, our reader. Inside you'll find the most-visited original online articles, conference proceedings, eNewsletter excerpts, and even webinar coverage (all edited here for space and clarity). Now there's no excuse to miss the information that's been viewed, studied, discussed, shared, and archived by your peers all year long. Here it is for you to read and reference at last! We hope you like our new Best of CT Online 2008 issue, and we look forward to serving you online-- and in print-- in 2009.

--Katherine Grayson, Editor-In-Chief

About the Author

Katherine Grayson is is a Los Angeles based freelance writer covering technology, education, and business issues.

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