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Qwizdom To Ship Large-Screen Classroom Clicker

Ed tech developer Qwizdom will launch a new wireless student response system next month, one that offers a 2.3-inch (diagonal) LCD screen and cell phone-style keypad for student interaction and formative testing on the fly.

The system, the Q6, is the latest in Qwizdom's line of student response technologies, which also includes the entry-level Q2 and midrange Q4 student remotes, the Q5 instructor remote, and the high-end Q7 wireless presenter tablet.

Student response systems, also known as classroom clickers or personal response systems, are wireless handheld devices designed to allow students to answer questions, provide feedback, or otherwise interact in classroom activities. They're used to deliver formative assessments (often to help gauge whether the class has absorbed the material and is ready to move on to the next lesson) and to help encourage participation from students who may otherwise be reluctant to engage in classroom discussions or activities.

Student response systems in general are tied together through an instructor unit or through a computer and integrated with a classroom AV system to display real-time aggregate results on a whiteboard or projection screen. Or they can simply be used to collect and store data on a computer.

The forthcoming Q6 advances Quizdom's remote-style handheld line with a larger 1.8" x 1.5" LCD display capable of showing questions and multiple choice answers on a single screen without scrolling. The devices use 802.15.4 RF technology, which is self-negotiating and designed to eliminate device conflicts, allowing for up to 1,000 devices per host. It also offers a wireless range of more than 300 feet and runs off two AA batteries.

According to Qwizdom, the device will integrate with a variety of software applications and resources, including hundreds of thousands of existing curriculum resources, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote (for Mac OS X), and Qwizdom's own Connect software. Connect is a platform that provides authoring capabilities, standards-aligned curriculum resources, access to instructional materials, an assessment engine, and diagnostics and reporting.

The Q6 includes a keypad similar to those found on mobile phones, including a number pad and arrow keys. It supports a wide range of question/answer types, including multiple choice, multiple mark, numeric (decimals, fractions, and mixed expressions), rating scale, sequencing, text edit, text input, and yes/no.

Q6 is expected to ship April 30, and Qwizdom is accepting preorders now. Further information is available here.

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