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Arizona State Deploys Undergraduate Recruitment Tool

Arizona State University in Phoenix is moving to a new constituent relationship management system in an effort to increase enrollment of international and non-resident students.

The university reported it's adopting Campus Management Corp.'s Talisma CRM software to boost reporting, communications, and student selection capabilities.

Features of the Talisma CRM software include:

  • Talisma Campaign Management, which creates campaigns, newsletters, and surveys for potential students;
  • Talisma Chat, which lets universities engage in real-time conversations with online visitors. Transcripts are recorded for later review for the institution and potential students;
  • Talisma E-mail, which routes each e-mail message to the appropriate staff members based on specific parameters, such as subject, content, language, geography, etc;
  • Talisma Events Management, which includes an online event calendar to promote university activities online. The tool also manages online registration and payments for events;
  • Talisma Knowledgebase, which routes phone questions to specific Web pages of the university, including answers from documents in any of 225 formats, including text, PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Talisma SMS Text, which allows universities to broadcast short messages and reminders to mobile devices; and
  • Talisma Student Applications, which allows universities to track prospective students' applications online from the time they apply to providing the answer.

"Arizona State University already has a growing number of students from outside the state of Arizona," said David Burge, executive director of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. "With the tools Talisma CRM will provide us, we will be able to access an entirely new population of potential students from other states and countries, bringing even more diversity to our campus."

Arizona State University has four campuses in the Phoenix area with total enrollment of about 70,000. It also offers 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through an online program, ASU Online. In 2010, the university attracted about a third of first-year students from another state or country.

For more information about Talisma CRM, visit the Campus Management site.

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