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Panopto Focus 4.0 Gets Moodle 2.0 Integration

Panopto has released a new version of its Web-based rich media video lecture capture and library platforms.

Both Panopto Focus 4.0 and Panopto Unison include video and multimedia search, editing, and viewing from any computer or mobile device.

Focus is a lecture capture program that allows for video and multimedia, while Unison enables schools to upload existing recordings to their Panopto libraries and repurpose the media for new lessons. The two systems are built on the same platform and can be implemented either separately or together.

Improvements to the Panopto platform, included in both Panopto Focus 4.0 and Panopto Unison, include support for:

  • Searching of all presentation text, including PowerPoint slides, and notes;
  • Capturing of metadata across all recorded content within the user's library;
  • Adding recordings and sections of different recordings (and combining them in several ways);
  • Modifying captions;
  • Following along with streaming live broadcasts from anywhere:
  • Creating Facebook and Twitter posts about available recordings;
  • Organizing and managing of the Panopto library with subfolders;
  • High-definition recording, broadcasting, and archiving for all recordings; and
  • Remixing to allow instructors to swap in new media.

The new versions also add support for Moodle 2.0 (including single sign-on) and allow students to upload media to specific areas.

Panopto can be installed locally behind the user's firewall or accessed online through Panopto servers as part of the Focus Hosted service. It is compatible with both Windows- and Mac OS X-based systems.

For more information, visit Panopto's Web site.

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