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Pathbrite Announces Digital Portfolio Integration with McGraw-Hill Campus

Pathbrite will integrate its digital portfolio platform with the McGraw-Hill Campus content and course integration service in a partnership that will enable students and educators to access the Pathbrite Portfolio Platform from an institution's learning management system (LMS) using a single sign-on process through McGraw-Hill Campus.

Pathbrite is designed to help students create cloud-based digital portfolios under the guidance of their teachers. The portfolios provide a more comprehensive option for assessing student learning and enable students to showcase their work products, presentations, writing samples, and internships to potential employers. According to the company, portfolios also help with student self-reflection, course passage rates, and critical thinking skills.

Pathbrite is currently piloting its digital portfolio platform at colleges and universities across the country, including Stanford University, The Ohio State University, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Illinois, University of Miami, and San Jose State University, among others.

Key features of the Pathbrite Portfolio Platform include:

  • Unlimited uploads to Pathbrite's cloud-based application;
  • Ability to store learning artifacts, credentials, and any digital media;
  • Customizable class templates;
  • At-a-glance dashboards for educators to monitor student progress;
  • Real-time student tracking and assessment;
  • Social learning and assessment through private sharing, notifications, and comments;
  • Support for publishing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and
  • Upcoming course-planning features for educators.

"Many colleges and universities today are facing immense challenges when it comes to admissions, compliance, and job placement," said Tom Malek, vice president of Learning Solutions and Services for McGraw-Hill Higher Education, in a prepared statement. "Our collaboration with Pathbrite will provide institutions with an effective, affordable means of addressing these critical issues, all the while helping institutions improve the digital literacy skills of their students."

Further information about Pathbrite Portfolio Platform is available at

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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