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Tablet Use Surges Among Campus Professionals

A recent poll by CDW-G provides a glimpse into how tablets are being used by higher education professionals as part of their work.

Tablet use has exploded among higher education professionals in the past year, according to a December poll of 153 tablet users conducted by CDW-G. Of those polled, fully 88 percent have been using their devices for one year or less. And, in an era of BYOD, it's interesting to note that 56 percent of respondents are bringing their own tablets to work, compared with just 39 percent who say that their employers have provided them.

The CDW-G poll provides a quick snapshot of tablet use on campus by college employees. Based on these results, it's clear that tablets are unlikely to replace standard computers anytime soon. Nearly 75 percent of respondents still use a laptop for their work, and 71 percent are still tethered to a desktop computer. Nevertheless, respondents report working nearly 1.9 hours per day on their tablets, on average.

Here is a quick run-down on some of the other findings of the poll:

Top 5 software programs/applications

  • E-mail
  • Web browser
  • Office/productivity suites
  • File storage
  • Social media

Why do you like your tablet?

  • Improves ability to serve customers [good]
  • Makes work more enjoyable [better]
  • Information on the go [best]

How much daily productivity do you gain using your tablet?

  • One hour, on average

What do you especially like to do on your tablet?

  • E-mail
  • Calendar
  • Note taking

Does using a tablet make you a better multi-tasker?

  • 78%: Yes

About the Author

Andrew Barbour is the former executive editor of Campus Technology.

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