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Santa Barbara Business College Moves LMS to Private Cloud

Santa Barbara Business College has moved its learning management system to a private-cloud-as-a-service to gain more control over feature implementation and customization.

SBBCollege had been using the open source Moodle LMS through a SaaS provider, but the college didn't have the ability to customize and control the system. While the college planned to stick with an open source LMS solution, administrators also wanted the ability to customize its features and integrate it with their CampusVue student information system.

SBBCollege opted to partner with SchedEz, an educational technology firm based in Florida. SchedEz offers a private-cloud-as-a-service model, which enables the college to continue using Moodle, while SchedEz provides hosting and support for the LMS infrastructure, platform, and software. This service model enables SBBCollege to maintain complete control and ownership of its LMS, without spending the time and money to install and maintain the necessary hardware and software on campus.

With this private-cloud-as-a-service model, SBBCollege has the ability to fully customize Moodle and take advantage of features that were previously unavailable to them. The new system enables the college to mine its LMS for data and conduct anonymized analysis. It also provides security through features such as disaster recovery and data privacy.

Santa Barbara Business College is based in Ventura, CA with five campuses in the state. The college offers diplomas and degrees in business, healthcare, legal studies, and information technology.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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