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Knowillage Releases Adaptive Learning Development Tool for Canvas

Knowillage Systems has released Knowillage LEArning Path (LeaP), a personalized and adaptive learning development tool for the Instructure Canvas learning management system (LMS).

Knowillage LeaP is integrated with Canvas using the Canvas External Tools extensions, so teachers can use Knowillage LeaP to create personalized learning paths and assessments for their students using their existing course content and outcomes in Canvas along with openly available educational materials.

Knowillage LeaP uses a semantic engine that simplifies the process of mapping learning materials to objectives, according to the company. Teachers select the desired learning outcomes in Canvas. The Knowillage LeaP semantic engine then automatically selects relevant content from the existing materials, and the teacher can tweak the selection of materials as needed.

The tool offers pre- and post-tests to assess student mastery of material. Knowillage LeaP can then use those assessment results to deliver appropriate learning paths for each student. The test results themselves are recorded in the Canvas gradebook.

The Knowillage LeaP recommendation engine suggests the most effective learning paths through each course's materials, and its activity and feedback engines use objective results to identify the most effective learning materials and adapt the learning paths for each student.

According to a prepared statement from Bill Bilic, founder of Knowillage Systems, Knowillage LeaP "easily connects to existing platforms, uses existing content without the need to modify it, and delivers adaptive learning paths custom made for each student."

Key features of Knowillage LEArning Path include:

  • Creation of dynamic assessments using questions from the Canvas LMS;
  • Integration with Canvas gradebook;
  • Semantic engine that simplifies the process of mapping learning materials to objectives;
  • Support for importing questions into Knowillage LeaP;
  • Pre- and post-tests;
  • Adaptive learning paths based on student assessments;
  • Support for open educational resources; and
  • Support for internal or external assessment tools.

Further information about Knowillage LeaP is available at

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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