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Nipissing University Implements Wireless Performance and Security Monitoring System

Nipissing University, a public liberal arts university in Ontario, Canada, has implemented a wireless performance and security monitoring system to support the rapid increase in wireless devices on its campuses.

The university operates more than 530 wireless access points (APs) across its three campuses to support more than 6,000 users and thousands of network and mobile devices. The adoption rate of smart devices in the classroom and wireless technology in the student housing was overwhelming the university's IT department, causing it to take a reactionary approach to troubleshooting. Challenges the team faced included unpredictable AP traffic, rogue devices, interference, competing channel usage, the threat of malicious attacks, and PCI compliance issues.

The IT department implemented AirMagnet Enterprise, a dedicated performance and security monitoring system from Fluke Networks, to help manage and optimize wireless network performance and security and to ensure smart device connectivity.

"Ensuring the performance, along with the security, of our wireless networks can be challenging, especially with the increase in smart devices and bandwidth consumption," said Greg Seamen, manager of infrastructure support at Nipissing University, in a prepared statement. "Not only do we have to meet student and staff expectations, but we also need to proactively ensure we're meeting certain compliance standards and protecting our users from vulnerabilities and threats."

AirMagnet Enterprise enables the university's IT department to "manage usage and connectivity, find rogues, identify interference, proactively plan network expansion, and secure the network," according to Seamen.

Further information about AirMagnet Enterprise is available at

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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