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University of New Hampshire Expands Wi-Fi Network to Whittemore Center Arena

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) plans to provide 100 percent wireless network access to the Whittemore Center Arena by this fall. The new Wi-Fi network will enable the quarter million people who visit the arena every year to access their email, social networks, and Internet from their mobile devices without using their cellular data plans.

With a capacity for 7,500 visitors, the arena currently can't provide reliable Wi-Fi access for so many people at once. To solve that problem, the university decided to implement an Enterasys IdentiFi Wi-Fi network with Netsight management and B-Series stackable switches. UNH already uses Enterasys Wi-Fi in its residence halls, academic buildings, and outdoor areas, and the expansion to the Whittemore Center arena is part of Enterasys and UNH's joint mission to provide students, faculty, staff, and guests with fast and secure Wi-Fi across the entire campus.

"Demand for highly available and secure Wi-Fi access at sporting venues is growing at a rapid pace," said Vala Afshar, chief customer officer and chief marketing officer for Enterasys Networks, in a prepared statement. "While most college and even professional-level arenas still rely on 3G and 4G cellular service for Internet access, UNH is a prime example of how wireless technology can be used to accelerate not only learning, but the quality of events and games."

According to a news release from Enterasys, the installation of the new Wi-Fi network at the arena will take place over the summer and will be finished before the fall semester and hockey season begins.

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