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ConnectEdu integrates with Canvas LMS

ConnectEdu will integrate CoursEval, its online course evaluation software with, Canvas, Instructure's open, cloud-based learning management system (LMS).

CoursEval is a Web- and mobile-based evaluation and reporting tool that can be used for an array of confidential assessment and non-assessment activities such as conducting surveys, voting, and evaluating instructors or courses. The integration will allow educators who use Canvas to access a CoursEval app to track, analyze, and learn from course evaluations.

CoursEval, which provides a remote portal interface and automatic mobile detection, allows teachers and administrators to create unlimited customizable surveys, measure and report on results, filter and compare outcomes, and view detailed response reports and evaluation report summaries. A student dashboard allows students to toggle between mobile and Web view anytime.

Key benefits of CoursEval include:

  • Longitudinal and campus-wide reporting in real time;
  • Flexibility, security, and anonymity;
  • The ability to create and organize complex surveys;
  • Access to evaluations at any time, including via mobile device; and
  • Fully hosted software-as-a-service delivery.

"At ConnectEdu, we believe in maximizing the investments educators have already made toward their students' success," said  President of Sales Kevin Barney, in a prepared statement. "The more innovative companies we can integrate with, the more we can drive value to our customers. More importantly, Instructure's product and mission are exactly aligned with what we are trying to achieve — connecting learners to possibilities."

To learn more about CoursEval, visit Go to to learn more about Canvas.

About the Author

Sharleen Nelson is a freelance journalist based in Springfield, Oregon. She can be reached at [email protected].

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