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Clemson U Deploys Video Platform To Expand Access to Courses

Clemson University's College of Health, Education and Human Development has recently gone public with its deployment of an enterprise video platform to flip classrooms in an effort to increase student access to required courses.

The school's Department of Public Health Services was previously only able to accept approximately 10 percent of the 600-700 students who applied each year owing to limited seating in introductory courses. Using Mediasite has allowed the school to expand those courses to meet student needs by recording lectures for students to watch outside of the classroom.

"Mediasite has helped expand our education across campus. I've seen a 25-50 percent increase in the number of courses I can offer with this new methodology. Student satisfaction remains high as video lecture capture with Mediasite promotes an engaged learning experience and is meeting the interests of a new generation of learner," said Ralph Welsh, a lecturer in the Department of Public Health Sciences, in a prepared statement. "I've tried multiple forms of video capture and Mediasite has been my favorite. It's easy to use, interactive and it integrates well with the course management system we already have in place."

Six faculty members of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management have also been flipping an introductory course since 2010.

"I really enjoy flipping my class because discussions are richer, and it's more engaging for students. I think there was a little bit of mixed reaction at first, but students enjoy the class a lot more because it's more interactive," said Robert Brookover, lecturer and coordinator of undergraduate programs and outreach in the department, in a prepared statement. "We have a studio set up in the college where we can record Mediasite presentations. The next goal is to use My Mediasite so that we can record lectures right at our desks versus going to another building."

The college is also using the tool to offer blended instruction, pre-record lectures by faculty members when they'll be out of the office, help create student portfolios, capture study abroad student orientations, preserve lectures for student review and to provide off-site training for student nurses.

"Mediasite has tremendous potential," said Bill Havice, professor and associate dean in the college, in a news release. "It's revolutionizing how we can manage and distribute information to people on campus and at a distance. Mediasite video is enhancing communication within our college and reaching audiences never imagined."

More information about Mediasite is available at

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Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].

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