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Universities Partner on iPad-Based Degree Program

Two universities are partnering to provide a unique degree program in entrepreneurship that will take advantage of one of the institution's cutting-edge use of iPads in the classroom.

Boca Raton, FL-based Lynn University will allow students at Boulder, CO-based Watson University to use Lynn's Dialogues of Learning iPad-based curriculum as part of Watson's new Degree Track program that will enable students to receive a bachelor's of science degree in entrepreneurship in two and a half years.

Lynn University representatives describe its core curriculum, grounded in the liberal arts, as a "challenge-based learning" model that focuses on using technology to apply course content to real-world problems with most of the school's 2,500 students required to use iPads as a vital tool in every one of their courses — 100 percent of undergrad day students, 80 percent of graduate students and 50 percent of Ed.D. students as of this fall, totaling 1,800 students.

Watson is a new university model that accepts 15 to 20 students each semester and focuses on topics such as global development and social entrepreneurship. Students take short master courses, take advantage of intensive mentoring and work to develop skills that emphasize "empathy, creativity, resilience, grit, bootstrapping, team building and fundraising."

The newly launched Degree Track will require students to spend four semesters on campus at Watson and three summers engaged in Lynn's online Dialogues of Learning program that will focus on the liberal arts.

"Watson is proving that it can offer the skills and experience in the form of an accredited degree from Lynn," said Watson University Founder and President Eric Glustrom. "The Degree Track program is serving the needs of today's students and, with Lynn's iPad technology, students can virtually complete the core curriculum from anywhere in the world."

Lynn University President Kevin M. Ross said, "Students at Watson will now have mobile access to Lynn's core curriculum, which includes interactive course materials, videos and other rich content that engages students and encourages critical thinking."

CIO Magazine recognized Lynn University's iPad program as one of 100 programs throughout the world doing innovative work with measurable impact.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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