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Intellus Learning Launches Digital Resource Platform

Intellus Learning has launched a new platform designed to make it easier for faculty to find, review and use digital resources available at their institutions.

Open educational resources (OER), library materials and resources from other sources that are already available to instructors and students through their institution are indexed in one location. Tools and analytics are provided to align content and student engagement with learning outcomes and students interact with resources through their learning management system. Use of materials is tracked by individual resource and learning objective.

"The average annual cost of materials for full-time students is now over $1,000. Intellus Learning is helping faculty at one of our leading campuses better utilize OER and digital library resources with the goal of improving the affordability of education for our students," said Gerry Hanley, assistant vice chancellor for academic technology services at California State University and overseer of the system's Affordable Learning Solutions initiative, in a prepared statement. "By providing greater visibility into most content resources, we can support faculty in their course development process and increase the real-time data available to instructional designers and faculty."

"Despite billions in investment to create free, digital resources, much of the high quality OER available and existing institutional licensed content is underutilized on campuses globally," said David Kim, Intellus Learning founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "We hope to unlock these investments by helping institutions and faculty easily access existing assets, evaluate what works, and personalize the learning process to increase college completion with an eye towards affordability long-term."

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at jbol[email protected].

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