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Adaptive Learning

New Platform Enables DIY Adaptive Learning Course Design

Acrobatiq has introduced a new adaptive learning platform designed to enable professors to adapt the presentation of educational material according to students' learning needs, as indicated by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences.

The company's new Smart Author Adaptive Learning Platform will allow higher education institutions to develop, deliver and continually update online courses and programs. Smart Author facilitates data-driven instructional design with Web-based tools that incorporate outcomes models, rich content and assessment, as well as analytics tools designed to indicate which students are learning and which are not, which content works and where instructors must focus time in making improvements.

The learning platform also has pre-built page layouts, an intuitive authoring interface and 25 embedded activity types that will enable students to receive immediate and targeted feedback. By using Smart Author analytic tools, educators can collect and analyze student learning data with dashboards that show in real time which concepts and objectives students have trouble with, pinpoint at-risk students and enable targeted intervention.

Adaptive learning uses computers as interactive teaching devices and allocates resources according to the unique needs of each learner. Acrobatiq's technology was developed through Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative, an effort started in 2002 to generate free, high-quality online courses that were designed with the guidance of the latest learning science. Its approach is based on research in cognitive science, human-computer interaction and statistical analysis

"Historically, building adaptive courseware required partnering faculty with cognitive and data scientists and software developers," said Acrobatiq CEO Eric Frank. "With Smart Author, we built those functions right into the tool, so we can now get out of the way and let institutions and faculty develop their own data-driven, adaptive courses."

Smart Author is a cloud-based platform that can be purchased as an annual subscription.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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