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Boston U Deploys Web-Based Admissions Management

Boston University has implemented a centralized application management system for its graduate programs.

The university processes more than 40,000 applications a year across more than 100 graduate programs and was looking for a way to improve its enrollment processes. After conducting an extensive evaluation, the university selected the UniCAS Web-based application management system from Liaison.

UniCAS features application workflow, integrated admission services, GPA and course prerequisite calculations, transcript verification, mail processing and scanning and authentication of documents. It also includes "an analytical reporting engine to help institutions gain extensive oversight of school-wide enrollment trends and to identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students," according to a news release from Liaison.

Implementing UniCAS enables Boston University to access a university-wide view of data about submitted and accepted applications, customize applications to individual programs, monitor application activity in real time, access applicant documents easily and create customized data exports. The university is also taking advantage of UniCAS services such as GPA verification, mail processing, scanning, test-score matching, customer service and document storage.

"Too often, institutions have a fractured view of admissions efforts and enrollment trends at the graduate level," said Tim Barbari, associate provost for graduate affairs at Boston University, in a prepared statement. "By implementing UniCAS, we will be able to more effectively collect data across all of our graduate programs to make data-driven decisions on how to best focus our resources in the short-term, as well as the future."

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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