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Constituent Relationship Management

Algoma University Automates Recruitment and Admissions with CRM

Algoma University in Ontario, Canada has implemented a cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) system to automate its admissions and recruiting processes.

The university had been using a homegrown system but wanted to replace it with a CRM system designed for higher education business processes, so the recruitment and admission staff could increase their efficiency and improve communication between staff and students.

The team selected Enrollment Rx, a cloud-based CRM system built on the platform. "Because it's built on, Enrollment Rx gives us a reliable, proven platform that benefits from constant improvements," said Jim Adams, manager of information systems at Algoma, in a prepared statement.

According to information from the company, the centralized system lets university staff "maintain and track all activities around the application process, across different departments." Because the system is online, staff can access it even when they are travelling, and they can create custom lists and workflow rules without involving IT staff.

"Before, we had to ask IT to help us create lists or workflow rules. Now with Enrollment Rx, we can do it ourselves," said Brent Krmpotich, director of Marketing, Communications and Student Recruitment at Algoma.

The university also implemented a customized constituent portal and Events Rx. The portal lets prospective students apply online and get real-time updates on the status of their application. Events Rx lets admissions staff "automatically generate an online registration page when an event is created and send personalized reminders," according to information from the company.

Enrollment Rx offers CRM products for other stages of the student lifecycle, including Retention Rx, Placement Rx and Alumni Rx, and Adams said the university plans to "continue to expand the CRM to other parts of the student lifecycle."

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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