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Ranger College Outsources Network Services to the Cloud

Ranger College, a community college in rural Texas, has implemented an advanced digital learning environment using cloud-managed wired and wireless network services.

The college was experiencing the same challenge facing many other higher education institutions, trying to provide a robust network infrastructure to accommodate the variety of connected devices students bring to campus, while supporting new digital learning and administrative applications. The demands placed considerable pressure on the college's network infrastructure and IT team.

"It's challenging for schools to keep up with the demand for mobility and address the limits of traditional network architecture in terms of its ability to handle the growing connectivity demands in classrooms as the way we teach and students learn evolves," said Michael Beran, IT director for Ranger College, in a news release. "Prior to ProCloud Plus services, we had a variety of dissimilar, difficult-to-manage access points with a lot of downtime and no way to pinpoint problem areas."

The college turned to outsourcing to solve the problem, implementing Adtran ProCloud Services for its wireless and local area network (LAN) services, as well as the company's professional services for initial site surveys, installation, student and staff help desk, alert monitoring and full system management.

The college now delivers new learning applications from the cloud and streaming media over Gigabit broadband, while eliminating the operational and capital costs typically associated with digital learning programs. According to a news release, the implementation has also reduced the college's IT support calls by more than 90 percent per week.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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