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Streaming Video

Calibre Scalers and Switchers Add Support for Streaming Video

Calibre, an image scale and processing technology company, has introduced a streaming video input option for its HQView600 series presentation scaler-switchers, LEDView700 series LED scaler-switchers and HQUltra700 series live events scaler-switchers. The announcement was made at this week's InfoComm 2016 conference taking place in Las Vegas.

The new streaming video input option allows the scalers and switchers to receive H.264 formatted video content directly through a gigabit Ethernet port, while leaving the port available for use by web servers and remote control application programming interfaces (APIs).

"Streaming video ingest is becoming very important as networked video becomes a reality," said Tim Brooksbank, CEO of Calibre, in a news release. "It is perfect for receiving video from a long distance in a building, or over VPN, or from a video server. It can be integrated with a third-party control system and then used for video server playout of emergency information to all Calibre HQUltra scalers throughout an installation."

The scalers and switchers support HQUltraFast typical 0.25-second input switching, including switching to streaming video, according to a news release from the company. The HQUltra700 series scaler-switchers include dedicated H.264 hardware decoding "to ensure streaming video is decoded cleanly and without additional loading on the system software so that the HQUltraFast typical 0.25 second source switching remains active," stated the news release.

Further information about the streaming video input option on Calibre's scalers and switchers can be found on Calibre's site.

Calibre is exhibiting at the InfoComm show in booth C6844.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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