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Texas Instruments Lab Kits ‘Power’ Hands-On, STEM Learning

The TI Power Management Lab Kit series equips students with tangible experience and expertise on common power solutions used in the power industry.

In an effort to educate engineering students on power theory and industry applications, Texas Instruments (TI) created the TI Power Management Lab Kit (TI-PMLK) series. The TI-PMKL series, introduced by the TI University Program, includes several lab kits that introduce students to low power, non-isolated DC/DC power supplies.

The TI-PMLK series offers lab kits that include the most common power solutions found in the industry: buck, linear regulator (LDO) and boost. Each kit includes an evaluation board and an experiment lab book that delves into power converter topologies, theory, case studies and experiments.

The TI-Power Management Lab Kit series include kits focused on buck, LDO and boost power solutions.

"Everything around us, including products we've used for years, from thermostats to automobiles, is becoming smarter and more connected with a requirement to consume less power. The industry needs engineers who understand and are able to design efficient power systems," said Peter Balyta, president of TI Education Technology, in a prepared statement. "The TI-PMLK is designed to provide hands-on learning, solidifying the power theories taught in undergraduate engineering courses and bringing power design learning to life."

Texas Instruments offers additional power-management design resources, including power management training; the TI E2E Community Power Management forum; and the TI Designs reference design library.

Further information about the TI-PMLK series is available on the Texas Instrument site.

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