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TWG Plus Integrates College Raptor's Net Price Calculator

Colleges and universities that use the education marketing services of TWG Plus now have the option of integrating College Raptor's net price calculator into their website.

College Raptor's net price calculator is a tool that lets students and parents determine the actual cost of attending a particular college or university. The net price calculator supports mobile devices, so students and parents can also use it on their smartphones or tablets. It takes about three minutes to complete the net price calculator, according to a news release, and it presents students and parents with an estimate of the student's actual cost of attendance, including any grants or scholarships for which they may qualify.

TWG Plus partner colleges and universities now have the option of integrating the College Raptor net price calculator into their website and customizing it to work with their financial aid system. "This helps students discover how affordable a college education can be," said Bill Staib, CEO of College Raptor, in a prepared statement. "We also allow students to request information from the college admissions office directly from the calculator, something that helps both the students and the college."

Further information about College Raptor's net price calculator can be found on the College Raptor site.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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