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Civitas Learning Offers New Insights into Student Success

Civitas Learning has upgraded its Illume predictive analytics product with new capabilities designed to help institutions improve student outcomes.

Illume integrates students' academic, financial and behavioral data to develop personalized predictions, identify at-risk students and deploy targeted interventions. Two new features — Courses and Impact — aim to provide a "more precise, holistic understanding of student success," according to a press release.

Courses enables institutions to identify which courses have the most impact on student success pathways (such as persistence and graduation) at the institutional, college, program and major level. In addition, Courses can "determine which students are most affected by those courses" and "pinpoint opportunities to optimize curriculum and programs."

Impact gives campus decision-makers a detailed view of retention initiatives, to help determine which programs are helping students the most and which are the least effective.

"We have a responsibility to look beyond simple averages or generalized best practices to target investments based on what's actually working for the unique needs of our students," said Angela Baldasare, assistant provost for institutional research at the University of Arizona, in a statement. "Illume is a game changer for us. We've been running countless initiatives and doing our best to understand what is having an impact. Now we have a more nuanced and multidimensional understanding of student risk and success to inform targeted, timely interventions and measure impact."

For more information, visit the Civitas Learning site.

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