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Moodle Mobile App Expands Offline Functionality

Moodle, the open source learning platform, has launched a new version of its Moodle Mobile app, intended to provide students more ways to use it when offline.

The mobile app, available since 2013, already allows students to:

  • Participate in course activities using their mobile devices;
  • Receive instant notifications from their teachers and others;
  • Connect with other students;
  • Upload images, audio and video; and
  • View their grades.

Moodle Mobile 3.1.3 allows students to do many of those things even when offline. Previously, the only function students could perform offline was taking quizzes. Now they can also send private messages to each other, add course notes, complete surveys, create forum posts or wiki pages and complete assignments.

"This feature will be of particular use to learners with limited Internet access," said Moodle analyst developer Juan Levya. "Whether you live in areas with limited Internet or are in situations with limited access, such as trying to complete an assignment while traveling, being offline is now not a barrier to accessing your work through your Moodle app."

Other improvements to the mobile app include the ability to load courses and a filtering option in forum threads so users can display messages by preference.

Moodle Mobile 3.1.3 can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store in 15 languages.

"With increased mobile use, Moodle has concentrated on making classrooms for all learners — in K-12, university or workplaces — easily accessible as any other app on mobile devices," Levya said.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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