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AWS Educate Adds New Badges

Amazon Web Services is releasing three new badges focused on robotics, augmented reality and machine learning.

Amazon Web Services has introduced three new credentials for AWS services. Through AWS Educate, students and educators can earn badges for AWS RoboMaker, Amazon Sumerian and AWS DeepRacer. To complete each badge, learners work through up to 25 hours of course content.

AWS RoboMaker is a tool for developing, testing and deploying intelligent robotics applications at scale. Through a series of five learning modules, including labs, sandbox activities and knowledge checks, the AWS Educate RoboMaker badge provides an introduction to robotics as well as an exploration of AWS RoboMaker architecture and steps for creating an application. Students build and customize a robot that can stream data, navigate, communicate, comprehend and learn.

Amazon Sumerian allows users to create and run virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D applications without specialized expertise in programming or 3D graphics. The AWS Educate Sumerian Badge covers the fundamentals of VR and AR, use cases of mixed reality and the technology requirements behind Amazon Sumerian. Students complete the course by designing and publishing a 3D application.

AWS DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale racecar that uses reinforcement learning (RL) to learn complex behaviors without requiring any labeled training data. The AWS Educate DeepRacer Badge is a brief workshop-style program that uses the virtual car and tracks as a simulator for introducing students to RL. Students also have a chance to participate in the global AWS DeepRacer League.

All of these badges are available for users of AWS Educate at no cost. More information is available on the AWS blog.

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